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850 Wooster Pike

Old Version

General Information

No:   850  
Street:    Wooster   
Name:   null  
Family:   see 202 Orchard Hill  
Historic Plaque:   null  
Owner Info:   Y  
Built:    1993/4   
Sec:   29  
Subdivision:   null  
Architect:   null  
Cont/build:   Bud Adams  
Description:   Addison Homes  
Original Use:   1  
Current Use:   Residential  
Chages As Built:   Residential  
Add To:   Y  
Sub:   N  
From:   N  
Replace:   N  
Changes Description:     


Current Owner: Jim & Sue Porter Date Fr: 1994 Date To: 
Original: James H. & Susan J. Porter Date Fr: 1994 Date To: 
1:  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 


Story 1: Ted Kaiser inherited the property from his father, Fred Kaiser, who established the orchard, operated a nursery and sold produce. He called his farm Orchard Hill. In the 1950s he built hotel cottages on the property and called it Orchard Hill Modern Motel. Ted himself was also involved in the family business. His wife is Becky Kaiser.

Story2: Orchard Hill motel cabins burned down by Terrace Park Fire Dept 1987 - valuable experience. (see 900 Wooster)


1994-95 Direct: James H. Jim & Sue Porter

1996-97 Direct: ''

1998-99 Direct: