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736 Wooster Pike

Old Version

General Information

No:   736  
Street:   Wooster  
Name:   Sears The Kilbourne  
Family:   Costanzo  
Historic Plaque:   2008  
Owner Info:   Y  
Built:   1926  
Sec:   29  
Subdivision:   Columbia  
Cont/build:   Sears(see description below)  
Owners:   1 1/2 story Bungalow, siding, gable roof. Sears RoebuckThe Kilbourne $2,700. Model years 1921-29. (page 211 in Houses by Mail)  
Original Use:   4  
Current Use:     
Chages As Built:   Residential  
Add To:   N  
Sub:   Y  
From:   N  
Replace:   N  
Changes Description:   1961 - built stable attached to existing building - concrete block 12' x 20' x 12' (Charles & Helen Clopton). Enclosed front porch and dining room bay window. 1999 - Costanzos removed the old garage and built new (Bullock Garage, architect & contractor). 2003 - Costanzo wanted to build a house on 2nd 75' lot. Permit denied.  


Current Owner: Dominic & Louise Costanzo Date Fr: 1966 Date To: 
Original: Merritt & Ivea L. Elstun  Date Fr: 1926 Date To: 1941
1: Charles E. & M. Bentheim Date Fr 1: 1941 Date To 1: 1948
2: Helen I. Clopton Date Fr 2: 1948 Date To 2: 1966



Story 1: Charles Bentheim's business was pin ball machines - all over the city of Cincinnati.

Story 2: A horse fell into the basement when the house was being built.

Louise Dawn (nee Karpen) Costanzo died January 9, 2019.  As a young woman she was a professional tap dancer and dance instructor.  She was also an outstanding cook and seamstress.  


1939 Map: Merrill Elstun

1942 Map: Charles Benthein

1951/3 Map: Clopton

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1967-2012 Directories: Dom & Louise Costanzo

2015-17 Directories: Costanzo, Dominic and Louise

2019 Directory: Dominic Costanzo