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729 Park Avenue

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General Information

No:   729  
Street:    Park   
Name:   A Corey House  
Family:    Robinson  
Historic Plaque:   null  
Owner Info:   Y  
Built:   N  
Sec:   29  
Subdivision:   George W. Corey  
Architect:   35, 36  
Cont/build:   null  
Description:   George Washington Corey  
Original Use:   10+  
Current Use:   Residential  
Chages As Built:   Residential  
Add To:   N  
Sub:   Y  
From:   N  
Replace:   N  
Changes Description:    1890s - added front porch. Railing removed by the Oberles. 1920s - added bath room and kitchen. Dining room also added at some time. 2002-3 Total remodeling and large addition on one side. Garage. John Wallis, architect. Epic, builders.2009 permit for Jeff Robinson - porch columns (Mercurio Construction).  


Current Owner: Jeffrey J. & Kathleen M. Robinson Date Fr: 2009 Date To: 
Original: a son of George W. Corey (Charles E.?) Date Fr: 1875 Date To:  Other names after G. W. Corey: Several Coreys, Rebecca Layman, Florence Davis, Anna L. Bateman, Harry E. Cornish (C. Y. Vockell 9 mos. lease) (see deeds)    
1: William & R. Mamie Eigher (built & moved to 812 Floral) Date Fr 1: 1911 Date To 1: 1921
2: James N. Dugan (owned Plainville gravel business) Date Fr 2: 1922 Date To 2: 1935
3: Max  & Jane Dugan Zangy   Date Fr 3: 1935 Date To 3: 1968
4: Maxine Z. McShane Date Fr 4: 1968 Date To 4: 1968
5: Carl A. "Hap" & Ann B. Lindell Date Fr 5: 1968 Date To 5: 1976
6: Harold A. & Carol V. Salo  Date Fr 6: 1976 Date To 6: 1979
7: Roger A. & Jeremy A. S. Oberle Date Fr 7: 1979 Date To 7: 2002
8: Jfp Construction Co. Llc. Date Fr 8: 2002 Date To 8: 2004
9: Michael S. Ukropina & Kimberley A. Felton Date Fr 9: 2004 Date To 9: 2009
10: Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. Date Fr 10: 2009 Date To 10: 2009
11:  Date Fr 11:  Date To 11: 
12:  Date Fr 12:  Date To 12:  1975


Story 1: Same building material as the Community House (built as Terrace Park Baptist Church) and 2 other houses on Park (722 & 726). Don't know if 729 Park was a trial house or use up left-overs. Built by G. W. Corey: poured concrete probably 12-18 thick. Very unusual for the time.

Story 2: Faye Corey says 729 was built in 1875, others say 1892.

Story 3: Liz Tuttle, an historian, says this house was built before the Civil War as it was pre-existing in the Court House records in 1875. It most likely had a twin at 727.

Story 4: William W. (H.?) Eigher Sr. died 5 May 1947, buried in section 3 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Thomas Funeral Home. William Henry Eigher (a son) was born 25 July 1905 and died 9 July 1966, aged 90 years, buried in Section 19 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Craver-Hookom Funeral Home. Kenneth Eigher (another son) was born 5 June 1910 and died 21 October 1996, aged 86 years, buried in Section 22 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Evans Funeral Home. (see also 812 Floral and 714 Wooster Pike)

Story 5: Ruth Clayton remembers a Baird family living here. Ruth thought they moved to Lexington Circle with the Slifers but we have no record of that. The families along this side of Park in Ruth's childhood were: Corey 715, Boland 719, Towne 723, Saap 727, Baird 729, Miller 731.

Story 6: This house was on the 2008 House Tour as a last minute substitute after 615 Amherst Avenue had to drop out due to damage suffered in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

Story 7: 729 Park Avenue (information from 2008 House Tour)


Before Terrace Park was incorporated in 1893, George Washington Corey, in 1886, established one of the oldest subdivisions in Terrace Park. Whats left of it today is Park Avenue. There he built at least 5 houses as well as his own on Wooster Pike (722, now 723 Indian Hill Road). 722 and 726 Park Avenue were twins; 729 and 727 Park Avenue, which has been replaced, were also twins. Those were built between 1875 and 1880. 715 Park Avenue was built probably circa 1892 as the manse for the Baptist church, built in 1890. Except for 715 Park Avenue all of these homes and the Baptist Church were built of poured cement, making walls 12-18 thick. The story goes that during a depression/recession or panic as it was then called the owner of some barges on the Little Miami River suffered bankruptcy and Corey was able to obtain the powdered cement ballast from the barges at auction for almost nothing. The buildings were poured a few feet at a time using hand made forms. The concrete was scored while still wet to give the building the appearance of having been built of stone blocks. We dont know how 749 Park Avenue looked when first built, but the front porch with a railing (removed by the Oberles) was added in 1890. A bathroom and kitchen were added in the 1920s. We also dont know a lot about George Washington Corey before he came to Columbia Township, but one can find him living on Wooster Pike in the 1880 census with his second wife, Rachel, and his widowed mother, Sarah. What house were they living in then? The Corey family looks like a good research project for some willing volunteer! 1939 Map: Zange

1942 Map: Robert Cast (renter?)

1951/3 Map: Max Zange (Browns rented from Zanges 1947-1950)

1959-66 Directories: Max Zange

1967-68 Direct: '' (Max Zange died March 5, 1967)

1969-74 Directories: C. A. Hap & Ann Lindell

1975-76 Direct: (moved to 1001 Elm)

1978 Directory: H. A. & Carol Salo

1980-2001 Directories: Roger A. & Jeremy Oberle

2002-03 Direct: (Sold 2002)

2004-05 Direct: (but in fact house enlarged and not sold) (Sold 2004)

2006-07 Direct: Mike & Kimber Ukropina

2008-09 Direct: (Sold 2009)

2011-12 Directory: Jeff & Kathy Robinson

2015-19 Directories: Robinson, Jeff and Kathy