Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 618  Street: Yale Name: James Chapman House
Family: Flynn Plaque: 2008 Owner Info: N
Built: circa 1908  Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's 3rd BL 15 Lot: 14, 15, 16, pt 13
Architect: James L. Chapman Sr. Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 17F Orig Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1963 - Ed Davison added a 16' x 35' family room.  1977 - W. J. Seitz erected an attached accessory building on the south side.  1996 - Major addition for Machles by the Glacid Group (Susan Glaser, architect).  2002 - permit for Stuart Kaplan to make family room, kitchen & 2nd floor bathroom alterations (Fletcher, contractor, Arcanum, architect).  
Current Owner: Robert W. & Danette Flynn Date Fr: 2008 Date To: 
Original Owner: James L. Sr. & Sidney C. Chapman   Date Fr: 1907 Date To: 1922
Owner 1: Gladys S. Brisco (later C. S. & J. F.) Date Fr 1:1922 Date To 1: 1924
Owner 2: William Patrick & Margaret Ryan Hogan Date Fr 21924 Date To 21936
Owner 3: Dorothy M. Schneebeck Date Fr 3: 1936 Date To 3: 1944
Owner 4: Eleanor D. Mattie Date Fr 41944 Date To 41951
Owner 5: Paul & Geraldine L. Naylor Date Fr 5: 1951 Date To 5: 1957
Owner 6Charles M. Marian D. Bush Date Fr 61957 Date To 61961
Owner 7: Ellen Douglass Allen Date Fr 71961 Date To 71963
Owner 8: Clyde Edward Davison Date Fr 8: 1963 Date To 81975
Owner 9William P. & Patricia S. Seitz Date Fr 9 1975 Date To 91986
Owner 10J. William & Roberta I. Morrow Date Fr 10 1986 Date To 101987
Owner 11Michael J. & Susan K. Chargares Date Fr 11 1987 Date To 11 1991
Owner 12 Gary W. & Carol A. Machles Date Fr 121991 Date To 121997
Owner 13Gregory N. & Wendy H. Taylor Date Fr 131997 Date To 132002
Owner 14: Stuart S. & Lori S. Kaplan Date Fr 14: 2002 Date To 14: 2004
Owner 15: Brian Cullina & Sophia C. Cheng Date Fr 152004 Date To 152008
Owner 16: Date Fr 16 Date To 16
1975 Owner:  Clyde Edward Davison % William & Patricia Seitz
Description: 2 story brick Colonial ("Federal Farmhouse"), gable roof. 
Story1: 1971 Village Views article on Clyde "Ed" Davison in the file.
Story2: This was the home of James Chapman Sr. & his wife Sydney Conkling (615 Amherst) (b. 1885; graduated TP School 1903; m. James Chapman Sr.; moved to 618  Yale c. 1908 before youngest son Joe was born in 1909) .  Mary Chapman (wife of James Jr.) says the house was built somewhere between 1907 & 1909.  Two older boys (James Jr. & George) were born before this house was built.  Moved here from 410 Elm.  James Chapman Jr. moved to 614 Floral Avenue with his wife Mary Lucille (nee Ernst) Chapman. 

George C. Chapman was born 6 August 1907 and died 20 October 1960, aged 53 years, buried in Section 19 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Craver Funeral Home.  James Chapman Jr. died 9 September 1970 and was buried in Section 19 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Copher Funeral Home. 

Story 3: On August 29, 2005 Bill Hogan came back to Terrace Park with his Terrace Park friend Father Cyprian Berens (509 Marietta).  Bill lived here with his parents William Patrick and Margaret Ryan.  Bill was the oldest child, then Catherine Garnett, Daniel and Thomas "Pat".  Their father was a banker and commuted into Cincinnati by train to Front Street (RR station for Penn line there) and then walked to 9th and later 4th Street.  (More information from Bill & Father Cyprian in the TP Historical Society archives.)
Story 4: Mr. Mattie was a salesman for junket.  His wife was on the School Board or on PTA.  After the Matties, Paul Naylor lived here and moved to 304 Amherst.  There was a barn in back of the house.  (Information from Leslie Jones who grew up behind the Matties at 623 Floral.)
Story 5: Picture in November 1976 Village Views.
Story 6: This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Pat) James Seitz was on the December 12, 1976 TP Garden Club Christmas House Tour.  "A Regency home of delightful terra cotta brick contains unusual features; for example, a bathroom greenhouse and a handsome mirrored screen".  It was a Sunday, advance tickets were $1.50 but $2 on the day and the homes were open from 2-4 & 7-9 PM.  Proceeds were to be used for beautification of the village.  The Community House was open for Refreshments, Tree Decorations and Bake Sale. 
Story 7: Clyde Edward "Ed" Davison was born in Greensburg PA 23 February 1926 and died 25 August 2012 in Hyde Park (Cincinnati) OH. 
1939 Map: Schneebeck
1942 Map: Kahill
1951/3 Map: Mattie (Eleanor Dingeldey Mattie in 1953)
1959-60 Directories: Charles & Marion Bush
1962-63 Direct: Ben & Ellen Allen (moved to 900 Princeton)
1963-76 Directories Ed & Hap or Happy Davison (moved from 114 Marian)
1978-82 Directories: Seitz/Lahke (Pat Lahke moved from 103 Miami)
1984 Directory: ''      (moved to Milford) (Pat [Lahke ]Seitz  died 6 March 2007.  Jim Seitz died 3 July 2009)
1986 Directory: Bill & Bobbi Morrow (Sold 1986)
1988 Directory: Michael & Susan Chagares
1990-91 Direct: ''      (Sold 1991)
1992-95 Directories: Gary & Carol Machles
1996-97 Direct: ''      (Carol moved to 139 Wrenwood)
1998-2001 Directories: Greg & Wendy Taylor
2002-03 Direct: (no listing)  (Greg moved to 915 Poplar, Wendy moved to 823 Douglas)   (Sold 2002)
2004-05 Direct: Stuart & Lori Kaplan                (Sold 2004)
2006-09 Directories: Sophia Cheng & Brian Cullina
2011-12 Direct: Bob & Liz Flynn