Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 714  Street: Wooster Name: William and Rosa Fruh Davis House
Family: SOLD Owner Info: Y
Built: 1918 Sec: 29 Sub: Columbia Lot: Pars. 119-120-147
Architect:  Cont/Build: Will Davis
#Owners: 2F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built:  Add To: Y Sub From:  Replace: 
Bergers added a family room, 2nd bath, deck and finished the basement (probably in their 1977 and 1978 additions).  1977 - erected a 1 story addition at the west and rear.  1978 - erected a 10' x 12' rear deck    (all additions for the  Bergers).
Current Owner: Date Fr: 2016 Date To: 
Original Owner: William & Rosa Fruh Davis (picture in file with Iuens) Date Fr: 1919 Date To: 1951
Owner 1: Ernest Mathis (nephew of Rose) (& Elsie) Date Fr 1: 1951 Date To 1: 1953
Owner 2:  Robert J. & Ruth Ann Berger Date Fr 2: 1953 Date To 2: 
Owner 3: Mark K. & David Berger Tr. Date Fr 3:  Date To 3: 2015
Owner 4: Brawndo Properties Flips LLC Date Fr 4: 2015 Date To 4: 2016
Owner 5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
Owner 6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1958 Owner: Ruth A. Berger  (listed on Indian Hill)
1975 Owner:  Ruth A. Berger (714 Indian Hill)
Description: 2 story Dutch style, clapboard covered with stucco, gambrel roof. 
Story 1:      Information from Ruth Berger: "On property owned by Rose and Will Davis in the point of Indian Hill Rd. and Wooster Pike was a Livery Stable where they housed horses and buggies used by travelers and cattle drivers who stayed over night in the Inn and Tavern across the street on the corner of Elm and Wooster Pike.  The barn or stable was used by Robinson Circus who trained their circus acts in this barn.  The livery stable or barn burnt in 1913.  I was told there were horses that died in that fire.  After Will Davis built this house he had a garage and gas station there." Lou & Ken Eigher worked for Bill Davis.
     Obituary for William Davis in the Milford Record, January 12, 1933.  "Death claimed William Davis owner of the service station and garage at Wooster Pike and Indian Hill Road, Terrace Park O.  He succumbed at the Holmes Hospital, Cincinnati, after a short illness.   He was well known to many people in this vicinity, being known as "Bill" Davis.  He is survived by his widow, Rosa, and other relatives.  Funeral services were held Saturday at 2:30 p. m. at the George Monroe Funeral Home, Milford.  Rev. Roger J. Turrell, officiated.  Interment was held at Greenlawn Cemetery."  
     A short "Card of Thanks" article also appeared in the newspaper.  
William Davis was born 18 September 1870 and died 5 January 1933, aged 82 years, buried in section 11 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Monroe (Evans) Funeral Home.  Rosa Fruh Davis was born 10 May 1864 and died 28 November 1948, aged 84 years, buried in Section 11 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Monroe Funeral Home. 
Story 2: Robert Berger died June 21, 1998.  Ruth (nee Berwanger) Berger died 17 Feb 2015 at 97 years.  They had 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren when she died. 
1939 Map: Davis (William Davis died January 1933)
1942 Map: Davis  (both maps seem to indicate a connection between the house 
1951/3 Map: Miller (Mathis?)              at 714 Wooster and the gas station on the corner) 
1959-2012 Directories: Robert & Ruth Berger