Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 716-1  Street: Park Name: 
Family:  Owner Info: Y
Built: 1942 Sec: 29 Sub: George W. Corey Lot: 47, pt 48
Architect:  Cont/Build:
#Owners: 1 Original Use: Residential Current Use: torn down (see 716-2)
CHANGES As Built: Y Add To: N Sub From: Y Replace: Y
Beisers bought the property from Mrs. Edwin Kircher, razed the house and built the new one.
Current Owner:  Date Fr:  Date To: 
Original Owner:  Edwin J. Jr. & Janet Kircher Date Fr: 1940 Date To: 1993
Owner 1: Rivercrest Homes, Inc. Date Fr 1: 1993 Date To 1:
Owner 2:  Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 
1975 Owner:  Janet & Edwin Kircher
Description: 1 1/2 story Cape Cod, Brick & siding, gable roof with dormers. 
Story 1: The Kircher house was built by Ed and Janet Kircher on land from her great aunt Elizabeth Coop (see deeds).  It shows on the 1942 map of Terrace Park, so it was built at least by then.  Only 1 family lived in the house.  When the house was torn down in 1994 for a new house, a first stone foundation was found beside the one of the house coming down (probably a turn-of-the- century home).  Bob Corey confirms he played in this foundation as a child in the 1920s.  Thus there have been a series of 3 houses on this site. 
Story 2: Edwin Kircher was a skilled woodworker in his spare time.  He converted their basement into an English pub, complete with hand hewn beams, cabinets and doors.  Mrs. Bieser reported his work was beautifully done.  Therefore Mrs. Beiser's brother salvaged much of the wood and incorporated it into his home.  The Sebens family on Miami Avenue, Terrace Park, further recycled windows and exterior siding from the Kircher home and used it in the construction of their chicken house.  All the neighbors helped themselves to plantings.  All interior moldings and the fireplace mantel were used elsewhere.  An air conditioning unit was donated to Habitat for Humanity, as were the Kircher's appliances.  The Biesers are strong advocates of re-cycling building materials whenever possible. 
Story 3: Seven copies of Edwin Kircher's book Rookwood Pottery: an explanation of its marks and symbols are available at the Main Library (Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County).  
Story 4: Janet Lenora Kircher was born 14 November 1911 and died 15 Feb 1995, aged 83 years, buried in Section 15 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Evans Funeral Home.  
1939 Map: -----
1942 Map: Edwin Kircher
1951/3 Map: Edwin J. Kircher Jr.
1959 Directory: Ed & Janet Kircher
1960 Directory: "
1962-63 Direct: "  & Jack Kircher 
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1965-66 Direct: Ed & Janet Kircher
1967-93 Directories:
1994-95 Direct: ----- original house torn down