Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 711  Street: Miami Name: 
Family: SOLD Owner Info: N
Built: 1939  Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's 2nd BL 11 Lot: 10-13
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 6F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: Y Add To: N Sub From: N Replace: N
1985 - asphalt driveway.
Current Owner: Date Fr: 2013 Date To: 
Original Owner: Martha S. Gardner (& Ralph) Date Fr: 1938 Date To: 1942
Owner 1: Ruth Blanchard Jaap Date Fr 1: 1942 Date To 1: 1951
Owner 2: Anna M. Mickey Date Fr 2: 1951 Date To 2: 1952
Owner 3: Lucy Lee Payne Date Fr 3: 1952 Date To 3: 1957
Owner 4: John V. Maescher "TR" Date Fr 4: 1957 Date To 4: 1964
Owner 5: Lucie Maescher Date Fr 5: 1964 Date To 5: 1964
Owner 6: Jane M. Earls Date Fr 6: 1964 Date To 6: 2013
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1975 Owner:  Jane M. Hassan. 10-11-12-13 Sib 2
Description: 2 story Traditional, siding, gable roof.  
Story 1: Miller scrapbook photo?
Story 2: Mrs. Jaap owned land at 810, 812 & 822 Lexington where there were rows and rows of daffodils that Marie Stoecklin remembers.  Mrs. Jaap played dual piano with Ruth Lyons on WLW (Pat Fehl).  The Jaap's daughter, Carol, married Jack H. Root.  They lived in Fort Thomas KY where Carol was a homemaker.  Carol died 19 August 2010 aged 82 years, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate KY.  He died earlier.  They had 2 sons, Jack Jr. & Taylor.  (It looks as if the Jaap's "daughter" may not have been their natural daughter.  Herb Anderson, who lived on the same street with her for many years in Fort Thomas KY, says her natural parents died young and she was brought up by another family but was never actually adopted.  The Jaaps may have been that family since in Mrs. Jaap's obituary there is no mention Carol as a survivor, just their son, George W. Jr.)
"Ruth Jaap, 93, radio pioneer.  Organist worked with Ruth Lyons, several area churches. 
     A memorial service will be held Thursday for Ruth Jaap, a local radio pioneer in the 1920s and '30s and church organist for more than 55 years. 
     Mrs. Jaap, 93, died July 5.  She had been a resident of the Mount Healthy Christian Home for four years.
     The service will be at 3:30 p.m. Thursday at the home at 8097 Hamilton Avenue.
     After studying at the American Conservatory of Music in her hometown of Chicago, Mrs. Jaap moved to Cincinnati in 1925.
     Along with Ruth Lyons, Mrs. Jaap portrayed on of the Kustola Kubs on WKRC.  The two-piano program was sponsored by Kustola, a soft ice cream chain. 
     Mrs. Jaap was organist for shows on WKRC and WSAI and director of Healthio Dairy Maids, a WFBE children's show in 1932. 
     Mrs. Jaap also provided music for several local churches.  She was the first organist at the Mariemont Community Church and later played at churches in Walnut Hills, Montgomery, Oakley and Hyde Park. 
     "Up until a few weeks ago, she still played for hymn sings at the Mount Healthy Christian Home," said her friend, Richard Toedt.  "She played on two different floors for 15 minutes apiece." 
     Toedt said at age 93, Mrs. Jaap was a determined woman, organizing a group of friends just weeks ago to reminisce about their memories of each other.  "She was a remarkable woman.  Even near her death, she organized her own memorial service."
     Mrs. Jaap was also a former business woman who sold newspaper advertising for more than 30 years for the Eastern Hills Journal and Eastern Hamilton County Messenger. 
     She was the wife of the late George W. Jaap.  She is survived by a son, George W. Jaap, Jr. of Traverse City, Mich. 
Ruth Blanchard Jaap (Mrs. George W.) was born in 1895 in Illinois and died 5 July 1988 in Mount Healthy OH.  Her son, George Jr., was born 16 September 1919 and died 2 October 1995 in Benzie, Michigan. 

Story 3: Jane (nee Maescher) (Hassan - 1st husband) Earls died at her Terrace Park home on April 5, 2011, age 91 years, funeral service and burial at Spring Grove Cemetery.  Her 2nd husband, John V. Earls, died in 1983.  She is survived by a son, John C. Hassan, 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. 
1951/3 Map: Mrs. George Jaap (moved from 304 Miami)
1959-76 Directories: Mrs. J. M. (Jane) Hassan
1978-82 Directories: John V. & Jane Hassan Earls 
1984-97 Directories: Jane Hassan Earls
1998-2012 Directories: Mrs. John V. (Jane) Earls