Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 410  Street: Elm Name: Galloway/Boone House
Family:  SOLD Plaque: 2008 Owner Info: N
Built: circa 1888 Sec: 29 Sub: Corey & Columbia Lot: 101x229.20 N of lot 1
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners:  Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1968 - built detached garage (Buschbacher).
Current Owner:  Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original Owner: 1908 Corey (several) - 1914 Willard I. Corey - George H. Eveland - 1915 Lewis N. & M. E. Gatch -  (???) Date Fr: 1915 Date To: 1922
Owner 1: Stella M. Boone Date Fr 1: 1922? Date To 1: 
Owner 2: Donald Galloway Date Fr 2: 1943 Date To 2: 
Owner 3: Francis M. & Ethel Wolfe Date Fr 3: 1946 Date To 3: 1955
Owner 4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
Owner 5: Mary A. Buschbacher in 1968 Date Fr 5:   Date To 5:
Owner 6: Alberta S. Buschbacher Tr (Mary Alberta, Michael S. & Carol B. Cole) Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 2001
Owner 7: David C. & Susan E. Walsh Date Fr 7: 2001 Date To 7: 2005
Owner 8: Daniel I. Whittelsey Date Fr 8: 2005 Date To 8: 2011
Owner 9: Stock Yards Bank Date Fr 9: 2011 Date To 9: 2012
Owner 10: Date Fr 10: Date To 10:
Owner 11: Date Fr 11: Date To 11:
Owner 12: Date Fr 12: Date To 12:
 (Deeds don't match with what's above.  This needs further attention)    
1975 Owner:  Mary Alberta Buschbacher. Terrace Park Building & Loan.
Description: 1 1/2 story Victorian Cottage, siding, pyramidal (hip). 
Story 1: Possible dates inc. 1876 or 1882c
Story 2: The Galloway nursery was at 717 Wooster.
Story 3: James Chapman Sr. & his wife Sydney Conkling lived here when James Chapman Jr. was born (picture in Chapman/Conkling notebook)  Don't know whether they owned or rented.  Built & moved to 618 Yale.  
Story 4: The Steigerwald family rented this house for the summer in 1960 while their new home at 800 Princeton was being finished.  
Story 5: According to a nurse (Dawn) at Bethesda North Hospital her grandparents (Fay & Jerome Beson) lived in Terrace Park.  Their children were Mary, Patty, Stephen, Noel & Robert.  Patty (also know as Pat or Kathleen) married Daniel Brown and are the parents of Dawn.  
Story 6:      Walter H. Boone was Treasurer of Terrace Park Building & Loan.  He was born in Terrace Park, December 2, 1856 and died at home February 21, 1929. (from a page in a Terrace Park Building and Loan notebook)
From Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH.  Walter H. Boone died 22 February 1929, buried in Section 18 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, C. T. Johnson Funeral Home.  Stella Boone was born 12 May 1961 and died 22 August 1942, aged 81, buried in Section 18 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, John Craver Funeral Home. 
     The 1909 Williams' Hamilton County Directory lists Walter H. Boone (Stella M.) in insurance. 
Story 7: Information from History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio; Their Past and Present.  Cincinnati, Ohio: S. B. Nelson & Co., publishers 1894, page 953-4 (book in TPHS archives).  

Thomas Boone was born in Columbia township, February 25, 1826, a son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Peckingpaugh) Boone, both natives of Berks county, Penn., the former born August 4, 1785, of English descent, the latter April 20, 1792, of German descent.  Joseph Boone, who was a stone and brick mason by trade, when a young man located in Columbia, living there several years, when he bought a farm in Columbia township, near Milford, and there passed the remainder of his days.  This property he obtained by his own energy and industry.  His death occurred May 12, 1869.  

Our subject passed his boyhood days on the farm with his parents, and after attaining his majority worked at the carpenter trade for several years.  He and his brother then conducted their father's farm until his death, when Thomas inherited forty-two acres of his father's estate in Columbia township, near Milford, on which he resided for several years, and then bought his present farm in the same township.  On September 25, 1855 he married Miss Nancy Broadwell, who was born August 21, 1831, in Columbia township, daughter of Ira and Deborah (Conkling) Broadwell, both of whom were natives of New Jersey, the former born March 19, 1783, the latter born in 1795.  Ira Broadwell came to this county with his parents, and was engaged in farming all his life.  He was a very successful and influential man, and was a zealous worker in the cause of religion, although not a member of any organization.  For sixty years he resided on the farm now owned by our subject and wife; he and his companion lived to celebrate their golden wedding.  He died August 26, 1862, his wife November 14, 1867.  

The marriage of our subject was blessed with four childrenWalter, who married Stella Galloway, is an insurance agent, residence Terrace Park; Ira J; Debbie is the widow of Van Humphrey, of St. Paul, Minn.; and Allen.  Mr. Boone is a Republican, and in religious connection a member of the Universalist Church.  

Story 8: Michael Buschbacher died January 31, 1996.  Mary Alberta "Betty" Buschbacher died October 3, 2002, aged 86 years.  She is buried in the Mt. Washington Cemetery
Story 9: Deeds don't match census or other information - needs further investigation.  
1939 Map: Boone
1942 Map: Galloway
1951/3 Map: Francis M. Wolfe (moved to  702 Indian Hill to run Motel)
1959-60 Directories: Alma E. Kattine 
1962-63 Directory: James & Nancy Lange
1963-68 Directories: Ronald & Faye or Fay Beson
1969-97 Directories: Michael & Betty Buschbacher
1998-99 Directory: Mrs. Michael Buschbacher (Betty)
2000-01 Directory: "   (Sold 2001)
2002-03 Directory:      (no listing)
2004-05 Directory:      (Sold 2005)   (Dan Whittelsey moved from 807 Yale)
2006-12 Directories: Dan Whittelsey