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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1960Sibley 1, Section 23Lots 93, 94, 95
8-Sep-1853Highlands, JosephLittle Miami Railroad
31-Oct-1864Little Miami RailroadKugler, John
1-Oct-1867Kugler, JohnBrower, A. H.
10-Aug-1882Brower, A. H. per SheriffBrower, Abraham
18-Nov-1885Brower, AbrahamSibley, James W.
13-Jul-1886Sibley, James W.Hamann, Frederick
15-Jul-1907Hamann & MeierWest, Samuel A.
15-Jul-1907Hamann, Mina (interest in)West, Samuel A.
19-Jul-1907Hamann, Henry W. (1/3 int in)West, Samuel A.
22-Nov-1907Orr, Anna S.Irwin, Mary L.
1-Jun-1925Irwin, William TGatch, Loren G.
13-Jul-1944Gatch, Minna A.Dale, Marjorie M
11-Jul-1950Horton, Leota LWeiss, H. W.
16-Jan-1962Weiss, H. W. EstWeiss, amy R
8-Dec-1970Weiss, A Rengle per ExecSmoot, Clara B.
24-Sep-1990Smoot, Clara B.Smoot, William E.
3-Oct-1994Smoot, William E (deceased)Groppe, Karen S & Keith R
3-Oct-1994Weiss, A. R. (deceased)Groppe, Karen S & Keith R
27-Apr-2001Groppe, Karen S & Keith REastern Hills Real Estate LLC
16-Dec-2003Eastern Hills Real Estate LLCSloan, Mark E & Stacy


Note 1 Part of lots 93, 94, 95 = 110 x 133 feet in W line of Yale Ave at NW corner of Harvard.

Note 2 Lots 93, 94 and 33 feet of Lot 95.