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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1986Sibley 1, Section 23Lots 89-92
8-Sep-1853Highlands, JosephLittle Miami Railroad
31-Oct-1864Little Miami RailroadKugler, John
1-Oct-1867Kugler, JohnBrower, A. H.
10-Aug-1882Brower, A. H. per SheriffBrower, Abraham
18-Nov-1885Brower, AbrahamSibley, James W.
20-Aug-1936Rauscher, EdnaJohnson, Charles E. et al
24-Nov-1936Jones, TomJohnson, Charles E. et al
27-Jan-1941Johnson, Charles E. et alStartsman, Daniel B
30-Sep-1985Startsman, Daniel BHerrlinger Enterprises Inc.
6-Nov-1985Startsman, Daniel BHake, Harry III et al
18-Dec-1985Herrlinger Enterprises Inc.Park, D. H. & C. L.
30-Dec-1985Startsman, Daniel BHerrlinger Enterprises Inc.
6-May-1986Hake, Harry III et alTerrace Park Development Co.
16-Sep-1986Terrace Park Development Co.Shiels, D. R. & S. A.
1-Apr-1994Schmithorst, H. A. & E. C.Gould, Thomas M. & Jennifer J
9-Nov-1999Register, S. H.Register, J. H. & S. H.
9-Nov-1999Shiels, D. R. & S. A.Register, J. H. & S. H.
2-Jul-2001Register, J. H. & S. H.Yingling. Robert J & Tammy S
12-Oct-2001Gould, Thomas M. & Jennifer JReed, M. G.
12-Oct-2001Gould, Thomas M. & Jennifer JDonenfeld, Jack A Tr.
12-Oct-2001Donenfeld, Jack A Tr.McClorey, Kevin H & Stacey


Note 1 Part lots 89-92, 100 feet in E line of Yale Ave by 160 Feet in N line of Harvard Ave.

Note 2 Part of lots 89-92= 90 x 160 feet in E line of Yale Ave at NW corner of lot 92

Note 3 Part of lot 89 and all of lot 88= 90 x 190 feet in N line of Harvard Ave. at the SE corner of lot 88.