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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1950/1Columbia, Section 29
3-Aug-1841Highlands, AnthonyHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
7-Jan-1876Highlands, John S.Corey, George W.
12-May-1908Corey, Charles E. et alCorey, Rachel A.
9-Jun-1925Corey, Rachel A.Cornish, Charles W.
25-Jun-1925Cornish, Charles W.Hermann, Cora T.
30-Nov-1945Hermann, Cora T.Hermann, William F.
29-May-1946Hermann, William F.Stautberg, George & Marie
30-Aug-1951Cornish, Charles W.Stautberg, George & Marie
31-Aug-1962Stautberg, George & MarieWendel, Lula
3-Jan-1979Wendel, LulaYoung, Lorraine May
24-Jul-2004Spry, Lorraine May YoungSpry, Lorraine May
6-Jul-2005Spry, Lorraine MayCostanzo, Dino & Robin S.


Note 1 75 by 375.94 ft. in C line of Wooster Pike 1042.93 Ft S.W. of the East Section Line.