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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1923Sibley 1, Section 23Lots 46 - 49
8-Sep-1853Highlands, JosephLittle Miami Railroad
31-Oct-1864Little Miami RailroadKugler, John
1-Oct-1867Kugler, JohnBrower, A. H.
10-Aug-1882Brower, A. H. per SheriffBrower, Abraham
18-Nov-1885Brower, AbrahamSibley, James W.
10-Nov-1887Lipp, BenedictLipp, Joseph
10-Dec-1887Lipp, JosephLipp, Belle
22-Jun-1891Sibley, James W.Werner, Richard E. Trustee
24-Feb-1896Werner, Richard E. TrusteeTedmann, H.
24-Feb-1896Tedmann, H.Werner, Nellie E.
28-Jun-1907Werner, Nellie E.Gatch, Lewis N.
30-Jul-1907Lipp, Clara & BelleWalton, Albert
20-Jul-1917Walton, AlbertLipp, John B.
29-Mar-1921Gatch, Lewis N.Gatch, Lewis G.
2-Jan-1925Lipp, John B.Fisher, Anna M. C.
3-Feb-1925Fisher, Anna M. C.Tharp, Alice & B. F.
6-Mar-1926Tharp, Alice & B. F.Fisher, Anna M. C.
24-Apr-1940Fisher, Anna M. C.Eckman, Carl & Louise
24-Jan-1944Fischer, Anna M. C.McWilliams, Sothine et al
27-Feb-1945McWilliams, Sothine et alSchultz, Thelma M
25-May-1952Gatch, Minna AEckman, Carl & Louise
1-Nov-1952Eckman, Carl & LouiseErwin Meyer Co.
2-Feb-1952Smith, Catherine Est.McCormick, Catherine. I. et al
26-Aug-1953Smith, James R. per Extr.Erwin Meyer, Inc.
25-Mar-1954McCormick, Catherine I. et alErwin Meyer, Inc.
16-Mar-1954Erwin Meyer, Inc.Pernice, John C.
6-Feb-1980Pernice, John C.Pernice, Sue C.
2-Jun-1980Pernice, John C.Pernice, Sue C.
29-Apr-1981Pernice, Sue C.Stanforth, Carlton C.
12-May-1981Stanforth, Carlton C.Pernice, John C.
24-Apr-1981Pernice, John C.Pernice, Sue C
8-Oct-1982Pernice, Sue C per Exec.Ingeman, Robert L & Ruth J.
16-Jun-1988Ingeman, Robert L & Ruth J.Ingeman, Ruth & Malotke, Mary
16-Apr-1993Malotke, Mary IMalotke, Mary I Tr.


Note 1 The prior deeds for lot 46 could not be identified in this project.