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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1890Sibley 2nd, Block 9, Sec 22/3Lots 8, 9, 10, 11
7-Sep-1829Biggs, Zacheus per Adm'rBank of United States
12-Nov-1831Bank of United StatesJones, George W.
7-Aug-1844Jones, George W per SheriffKirby, Timothy
17-Aug-1844Kirby, TimothyDundas, James et al
16-Sep-1845Dundas, James et alBiggs, Thomas R.
29-Sep-1885Biggs, Thomas R. per AdmxKline, Benneville
20-Feb-1886Kline, BennevilleSibley, James W.
14-Apr-1891Sibley, James W.Pullen, Ida A.
13-Apr-1893Sibley, James W.Toph, Guy W.
10-Jun-1895Pullen, Ida A.Unglesby, Jane
2-Oct-1895Unglesby, JanePullen, Ida A.
16-Jul-1897Pullen, Ida A. per Assignee5th Ward B.A.
26-Feb-19015th Ward B.A.Zehagen, E. O.
9-Apr-1901Zehagen, E. O.Champion B.A. #2
22-Apr-1902Toph, Guy W.Robertson, Katherine W.
23-Apr-1902Champion B.A. #2West, Elizabeth Hoyt
17-Jun-1902Robertson, Katherine W.West, Elizabeth Hoyt
12-Feb-1913Beissel, F. J. et alWest, Samuel A.
12-Feb-1913West, Samuel A.Affidavit as to
23-Apr-1947West, Samuel R. S. EstWest, Alice McAuley
27-Sep-1947West, Oliver H. et al per ShrffWest, Alice McAuley
6-Sep-1950West, Alice M. McAuley EstWest, David S.
20-Dec-1951West, David S.Gentholts, Elizabeth B.
29-May-56Gentholts, Elizabeth B.Preston, Mary Lou
2-Jun-1994Preston, Mary Lou & TomFellows, Charles F. & Lucy K
2-Jun-1994Fellows, Lucy K.Fellows, Charles F.
24-Aug-1995Fellows, Charles F. & Lucy KBaird, H. Kim & Laurie, E.
20-Oct-1999Baird, H. Kim & Laurie, E.Baird, Laurie K. Tr.


Note 1 Heirs all get 1/5 share: Rebecca J. Beissel, age 42, South West City MO; Catherine W. Robertson, age 39, Terrace Park, OH;

Harriett W. Sibley, age 36, Terrace Park, OH; Elizabeth W. Coaney, age 29, St Louis MO;

Samuel R, S. West, age 32, Terrace Park, OH.