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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1971Park View Hill, Section 29Lot 2
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, Joseph
21-Jul-1853Highlands, WilliamHighlands, Joseph
21-Oct-1876Highlands, JosephHighlands, George W.
12-Jul-1893Highlands, George W.Highlands, Josephus ($800)
5-Apr-1900Highlands, JosephusHighlands, Charles R. ($650)
10-Nov-1932Highlands, Charles R. + intrst.Delorac, Julia A. ($7,575)
30-Jul-1936Delorac, Julia A.Taylor, Clarence L. (her son)
30-Jul-1936Taylor, Clarence L.Taylor, Merrill A.
19-May-1948Taylor, Merrill A.Mathews, Iva F.
27-Feb-1950Mathews, Iva F.Glover, George H & Anna
5-Nov-1964Glover, George H (deceased)Glover, Anna M.
6-Nov-1969Glover, Anna M.Maerki, Wilde Marie
24-May-1972Maerki, Wilde MarieEstridge, Robert M. & Robert D.
31-Jul-1979Estridge, Robert M.Estridge, Robert D.
29-Oct-1981Estridge, Robert D.Warner Amex "easement"
12-Oct-1984Estridge, Robert D.Buffington, M. Anne
1-Aug-2001Buffington, M. AnnePhillips, Robert W. Tr.
1-Oct-2002Phillips, Robert W. Tr.Phillips, Robert W.


Note 2 176.31 x 1224.99 feet in Center of Wooster Pike beginning at a point 997.72 feet N of Line of Section: 1170 feet E of

Center of Wooster Pike containing 4.13 acres.

Note 3 941.30 x 1247 feet (20.76 acres) in Center of Wooster Pike at S Section line.

Note 4 1.057 acres in S.E. line of Wooster Pike beginning at S.W. corner of lot 1 of Park View Hill Subdivision

Note 5 George W. Highlands obtained the land from Joseph Highlands who died October 21, 1876.

There is no deed but probably a Will.

Note 6 17.63 acres

Note 7 Certificate of transfer 20.76 acres in Center of Wooster Pike at S. line of section.

Grantors were: Charles R., Mary E. and Albert W. Highlands