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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1928Sibley 2nd, Block 5, Sec 22/3Lots 12 - 17
7-Sep-1829Biggs, Zacheus per AdmBank of United States
12-Nov-1831Bank of United StatesJones, George W.
7-Aug-1844Jones, George W per SheriffKirby, Timothy
17-Aug-1844Kirby, TimothyDundas, James et al
16-Sep-1845Dundas, James et alBiggs, Thomas R.
29-Sep-1885Biggs, Thomas R. per AdmxKline, Benneville
20-Feb-1886Kline, BennevilleSibley, James W.
20-Jul-1891Sibley, James W.Toph, Guy W.
5-Dec-1891Toph, Guy W.Blanchard, A. B.
29-Apr-1892Blanchard, A. B.Toph, Guy W.
13-Apr-1893Sibley, James W.Toph, Guy W.
6-Jul-1905Toph, Guy W.Toph, Lizzie T.
30-Jun-1906Toph, Guy W.Sullivan, John J.
3-Aug-1906Toph, Lizzie T.Belt, Richard E.
26-Sep-1907Toph, Guy W.Toph, Lizzie T.
21-Oct-1910Sullivan, John J. et alSullivan, Frances E.
25-Sep-1911Toph, Lizzie T.Toph, Guy W.
16-Aug-1912Sullivan, John J. per sheriffSullivan, Frances E.
24-Oct-1914Sullivan, Blanche M.Sullivan, Frances E.
27-Dec-1921Toph, Guy W.Gordon, Horace C. Jr.
27-Dec-1921Gordon, Horace C. Jr.Toph, Ellen
28-May-1925Toph, EllenPatten, George F.
20-Oct-1927Sullivan, Frances E.Linderman, F.M.
19-Nov-1927Linderman, F.E.S. Estate ofAffidavit as to
19-Nov-1927Linderman, F.E.S. Estate ofAffidavit as to
19-Nov-1927Linderman, F.E.S. per ExterJudd, Elbert S.
19-Nov-1927Anderson, Florence S. et alJudd, Elbert S.
19-Nov-1927Linderman, Francis M.Judd, Elbert S.
19-Nov-1927Patten, George F. & E.Judd, Elbert S.
17-Sep-1928Belt, Richard C. & R.S.W.McShane, William M.
17-Sep-1928Judd, Elbert S. & M.R.McShane, William M.
20-Nov-1931McShane, William M. per Exe.Boyd, Clifford F.
24-Jan-1990Meyer, Jean DClukey, Catherine A
25-Apr-1997Meyer, Jean D et alMiller, Gordon M & Catherine
9-Dec-2002Miller, Gordon M & CatherineAffidavit
10-Dec-2002Miller, Gordon M & CatherineLeMay, Jeffrey A & Angela D
22-Jan-2009LeMay, Jeffrey A & Angela DLeMay, Jeffrey & Angela Trs
19-Aug-2015LeMay, Jeffrey & Angela TrLeMay, Angela D. Tr.


Note 1 Full name: Francis Emma Sullivan Linderman

Note 2 Correction deed

Note 3 Real Estate divided among 4 daughters and sold to Elbert S. Judd.