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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1938Sibley 4th, Section 23Lots 20, 21
6-Apr-1823Covalt, CheniahReady, Lain
12-Jun-1843Ready, Lain Sr. ($2720)Ready, Lain Jr.
12-Jun-1843Ready, Lain et alReady, William G.
2-Mar-1846Ready, Lain et alPollock, James
22-Oct-1846Pollock, JamesRoss, Moses
24-Feb-1849Ross, MosesTurner, Daniel
26-Jan-1850Ready, Lane & William G.Turner, Daniel
19-May1870Turner, DanielPower, Permilia
6-Mar-1886Power, William P. & wifeSibley, James W. ($4000)
14-Jun-1890Sibley, James W. ($264)Stuntz, C. R.
16-Jun-1891Stuntz, C. R.Sibley, James W.
14-Jun-1892Sibley, James W.Sauer, Annie M.
21-Jan-1909Sauer, Annie M.Sauer, Gus Jr.
12-Apr-1938Sauer, Gus Jr.Gally, Bertha M.
19-Oct-1942Gally, Bertha M.Reis, Mary Kemp
28-Sep-1943Reis, Mary KempJacobs, Grace D & Edward G
28-Sep-1943Jacobs, Grace D & Edward GPhillips, Mildred Gwynne
6-Sep-1951Phillips, Mildred GwynneDrohen, Augusta A & John R.
6-Apr-1955Drohen, John R.Drohen, Augusta A
22-May-1957Drohen, Augusta AAllen, Laura Lee
1-Aug-1962Loenthal, Laura Lee AllenHall, Harold H. & M.
16-Jun-1967Hall, Harold H. & M.Klinedienst, T. J. & S. S.
29-Nov-1977Klinedienst, T. J. & S. S.Family Leisure Center
4-Apr-1978Family Leisure CenterKetchum, John W. & Dorah D
14-May-1980Ketchum, John W. & Dorah DArmstrong, Georgia S.
18-Jul-1988Armstrong, Georgia S.Smith, Steve F & Janet Hill
12-Aug-2005Smith, Stephen, F.Hill, Janet L.
3-Mar-2008Hill, Janet L.Imhoff, Paul & Melissa A.
4-Jun-2013Imhoff, Paul & Melissa A.Harding, Adam
8-Aug-2016Harding, AdamTerkhorn, Jefferson Joseph & Michaela Anna


Note 1 260 acres and 30 poles in N part of Section.

Note 2 124 acres on the Little Miami River.

Note 3 124 acres on west side of Section 23.

Note 4 241 acres in north part of Section 23

Note 5 124 acres on river less 7 acres sold to the Rail Road.

Note 6 220.78 acres on the Little Miami River.

Note 7 acres part of 3.24 acres being part of Camden City Lot 6.

Note 8 3.34 acres off south part of Lot 6. Also, 20.48 acres which is all of Camden City Lot 5.

Note 9 0.88 acres in S.W. 1/4 of Section 23.

Note 10 3.94 acres.