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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1915/2004Columbia, Section 22
4-Jun-1795Symmes, John ClevesCovalt, Cheniah
29-Jan-1809Covalt, CheniahSmith, John
3-Jul-1815Smith, John per SheriffBiggs, Zacheus
7-Sep-1829Biggs, Zacheus per Adm.Jones, George W.
11/12/1831Bank of the United StatesJones, George W.
12-Jul-1845Jones, George W. per ShrffKugler, John
1-Aug-1846Kugler, John ($6000)Leaf, Henry L.
1-Aug-1846Kugler, JohnLeaf, Henry L.
1-Jan-1871Leaf, Henry L.Leaf, Michael T.
19-Sep-1917Leaf, Michael T. (deceased)Descendents
25-Jan-1924Leaf, Charles E. & MatildaHodges, Henry A.
25-Jan-1924Leaf, Edwin & Ophelia (wife)Hodges, Henry A.
25-Jan-1924Leaf, Clifford R. & CarrieHodges, Henry A.
25-Jan-1924Leaf, Eric & RubyHodges, Henry A.
25-Jan-1924Leaf, Laura A.Hodges, Henry A.
1-Apr-1924Leaf, John M. per Gdn.Hodges, Henry A.
1-Apr-1924Hodges, Henry A.Meier, Walter H.
10-Jul-1945Meier, Walter H.Fast, Herman E.
22-Apr-1952Fast, Herman E.Horstman, Charles F
24-Apr-1956Horstman, Charles FMeyers, Norman L. & Marcella A.
22-Jun-1972Meyers, Norman L. & Marcella A.Davis, Theodore C & Lucy L.
27-Jul-1978Davis, Theodore C & Lucy L.Smith, Carlton,
6-Sep-1978Smith, Carlton,Meredith, Perle R. & Kathleen
18-Dec-1978Meredith, Perle R. & KathleenBurns, William W. & Helen L.
8-Nov-1979Burns, William W. & Helen L.Megowen, Sandra L.
12-Mar-2004Megowen, Sandra L.Megowen, Jeff B. & Lisa B.


Note 1 119.57 x 283 feet beginning 301.30 feet S of the SW corner of lot in DB 1086 page 481

Note 8 102 acres of land conveyed by Henry Leaf to Michael T. Leaf by Will is recorded in Volume 12, page 41 in the

Hamilton County Will book.