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More information on earlier deeds in old version

Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
Built 1905Pattison & Iuen Sub. Sec 23Lots 21, 22
6-Apr-1823Covalt, ChemiahReady, Lain
12-Jun-1843Ready, Lain Sr.Ready, Lain Jr.
12-Jun-1843Ready, Lain Jr.Ready, William G.
26-Jan-1850Ready, Lane & William G.Turner, Daniel
26-Jan-1850Turner, DanielWinters, William
8-Apr-1855Winters, WilliamMariott, George
18-Jun-1860Mariott, George et ux. ($3,750)Cowen, A. F. et al
10-Nov-1885Cowen, Mary A.Pattison, John M.
31-May-1886Pattison & IuenKorte, Williard A.
29-Oct-1888Korte, Williard A. & WifeWhite, David A.
23-Aug-1889White, David A.Curtner, Henry
18-May-1894White, David A.Curtner, Henry
12-Nov-1903Stephenson, ElsiePattison, John M.
13-Mar-1905Pattison, John M.Meyers, Blanche B.
29-Nov-1944Meyers, Blanche B. (Est)Meyers, Charles A.
29-Feb-1952Meyers, Charles A.McGee, Janet M.
19-Nov-1952McGee, Janet M.St. Thomas Church Rector, Vestry
14-Aug-1979St. Thomas Church Rector, VestryGerhard, Robert D & Ernestine
4-Apr-1984Gerhard, Robert D & ErnestineKnauer, David G. & Mary J.
23-Apr-1987Knauer, David G. & Mary J.Govert, Jerry A. & Diane L
24-Jun-1999Govert, Jerry A. & Diane LGovert, Diane L.


Note 1 Elsie, nee Elsie Curtner of Pittsburgh PA, was the sole heir of Henry Curtner, deceased.