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823 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
15-Apr-1873Highlands, John S. et alHighlands, William W.
15-Apr-1904Highlands, William W.Highlands, Anna M. et al
27-Apr-1908Highlands, Anna M. et alBalzhiser, Hattie
10-Jun-1910Balzhiser, HattieMcGoron, John R.
25-Jan-1916McGoron, John R. per SheriffLatimer, Junia H.
8-Mar-1916Latimer, Junia HallieIreton, Louis A. (Trustee)
30-Oct-1916Ireton, Louis A.McGoron, John R. & Ella
15-Jan-1918McGoron, John R. & EllaStewart, Jesse M.
11-Aug-1941Stewart, Jesse M.Droescher, Lillian M.
19-May-1972Droescher, Lillian M. (Est)Droescher, A. E.
19-Jul-1977Droescher, A. E.Droescher, A. E. & M.
19-Apr-1978Droescher, Albert E.Affidavit as to
5-Aug-1983Droescher, Albert E.Turnau, Robert R. Jr.
6-Jun-1997Turnau, Robert R. Jr.Emery, Richard H.
30-Sep-2003Emery, Richard H.Ostrander, Ken A. & Michelle
14-Nov-2003Ostrander, Ken A. & MichelleHistorical Renovations Inc.
1-Mar-2005Historical Renovations Inc.Renaissance Properties Investment


Note 1 91.89 x 212.68 feet in S line of Wooster Pike at W line of Melissa Court subdivision.

Note 2 323.42 x 450.25 x 313.23 feet in SE line of Wooster Pike 597.28 feet SW of Western Ave.

Note 3 4 acres more or less on SE line of Wooster Pike 5.08 chains from Western Avenue.

Note 4 8.45 acres at intersection of SW side of Western Avenue and SE side of Wooster Pike.

Note 5 150.04 acres on south 1/2 of Section 29

Note 6 Anthony, William and Joseph Highlands were brothers and divided the land between them.

Note 7 22.33 acres in south of Section 29

Note 8 42.22 acres in S. E. 1/4 of Section 29

Note 9 Children of William Highlands were: William W., John S., Ann Highlands Smith, and Hephzibah Galloway.

Note 10 Anna Marie Highlands was wife and Executrix of William W. Highlands. On April 15, 1904 the will was probated

and 8.45 acres of land on the corner of Western and Wooster presumably passed to Anna. Will probated 15-Apr-1904.