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753 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
3-Aug-1841Highlands, AnthonyHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
15-May-1873Highlands, John S.Highlands, William W.
1-Mar-1892Highlands, William W.Lahmann, W.C. & McGoron, J.R.
20-Oct-1894Lahman, William C.McGoron, John R. ($25)
14-Aug-1897McGoron, John R.Armstrong, C. S.
20-Mar-1901Armstrong, C.S. per Shff.Milford Home Building Co. ($216.67)
11-Jan-1907Galloway, Hephzibah S.Galloway, Elon L.
15-Apr-1916Milford Home Buiding Co.Thomas, Howard D.
5-May-1924Thomas, Howard D.Strathmann, Frederick A.
22-Jul-1924Galloway, Ralph E.Strathmann, Frederick J.
2-Aug-1924Strathmann, Frederick J.Buschmeier, Frank J.
29-Jan-1973Buschmeier, Frank J.Condit, James T.
2-Apr-1973Buschmeier, L. I.Rumsey, F.D.
29-Jun-1973Condit, James T.Buschmeier, Frank W & Elane
17-Jul-1973Rumsey, F.D.Buschmeier, Frank W & Elane
17-Jul-1973Sver, Margaret A.Buschmeier, Frank W & Elane
7-Jan-2005Buschmeier, Frank W & ElaneDillman, Jeffrey D.


Note 1 100 by 297.23 ft on center of Wooster Pike 491.30 ft E. of center of Western Ave.

Note 2 Margaret A. Sver was the daughter of Frank J. Buschmeier

Note 3 Frank J. Buschmeier died 17-November-1972. His wife was Elaine M. Buschmeier.

Note 4 41/100 acre, also 44/100 acre.

Note 5 44/100 acre

Note 6 Rose Marie Condit , wife of James J. Condit

Note 7 Know that John S. Highlands, son of William Highlands, died, late of Hamilton County, Ohio.

Hephzibah I. Galloway and Anna W. Smith, his daughters, Mary his wife by said John J. Highlands, John L. Galloway.

This band of said Hephzibah Galloway and William A. Smith, husband of said Anna W. Smith, except Sarah Highlands,

widow of said William Highlands deceased and the grantor herein named, are the sole surviving heirs,

Note 8 100 x 297.53 irregular south side Wooster Pike, 366.3 ft. east of Western Ave.