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749 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
3-Aug-1841Highlands, AnthonyHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
15-May-1873Highlands, John S.Highlands, William W.
15-Apr-1873Highlands, William W. et alGalloway, Hepzibah S.
11-Jan-1907Galloway, Hepzibah S.Galloway, Elton L.
19-Oct-1925Galloway, Ralph E. & M. C.Shields, Elizabeth
4-Aug-1927Shields, ElizabethWherung, E. G. & E.
13-Jan-1965Wehrung, Emma M. (Est)Wehrung, Ed George
30-Sep-1965Wehrung, Ed George (Est)Wehrung, Lawrence Edward
18-Oct-1965Wehrung, Lawrence EdwardRicketts, Nancy Gerard
18-Oct-1965Reynolds, MildredRicketts, Nancy Gerard
16-May-1974Ricketts, Nancy GerardMartin, Charlene N.
26-May-1976Martin, Charlene N.Jones, John G. & S. B.
17-Jan-1980Jones, John G. & S. B.Seik, Larry M.
22-Jul-1986Seik, Larry M.Seik, Jo Ellen
9-Feb-1994Seik, Jo EllenMileham, Richard C. Jr. et al
7-Jul-2000Mileham, Richard C. Jr. et alMinifie, C. David & Kelly G.
24-Mar-2006Minifie, C. David & Kelly G.Reis, Gregory E. & Dee
!!! Note 144/100 acres
Note 2Know that John S. Highlands, son of William Highlands, died, late of Hamilton County, Ohio.
Hephzibah I. Galloway and Anna W. Smith, his daughters, Mary his wife by said John J. Highlands, John L. Galloway.
This band of said Hephzibah Galloway and William A. Smith, husband of said Anna W. Smith, except Sarah Highlands,
widow of said William Highlands deceased and the grantor herein named, are the sole surviving heirs,
Note 350 by 2.97 ft. in C line of Wooster Pike, 491.30 ft from C line of Western Ave.
Note 43.792 acres on Wooster Pike
Note 5Elton G. Galloway died intestate March 4, 1923 and left land to Ralph E. Galloway, his sole heir.
Note 650 x 297.35 ft.
Note 7Lawrence Edward Wehrung and Mildred Reynolds were the only children and heirs of Edward George Wehrung.