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732 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
3-Aug-1841Highlands, AnthonyHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
7-Jan-1876Highlands, John S.Corey, George W.
12-May-1908Corey, Charles E. et alCorey, Rachel A.
4-Jan-1935Corey, Rachel A.Corey, Clifford
23-Aug-1943Corey, CliffordFunke, William F. and Alice A.
4-Nov-1952Funke, William F. Jr.Funke, Alice A.
30-Sep-1959Funke, Alice A.Funke, William F. Jr.
19-Jan-1967Funke, Alice A.Funke, William F. & P. J.
18-Nov-1971Funke, William F. & P. J.Smith, Thomas E. & F. K.
17-Jul-1975Smith, Thomas E. & F. K.Hall, Donald H. & Mary K.
18-Mar-1993Hall, Donald H. & Mary K.Fox, Mark J.
18-Jun-1996Fox, Mark J.Henkel, Lisa M. & C. Christian


Note 1 100 by 280 ft. in C line of Wooster Pike, 756.01 ft. S. W. of W line of Elm Avenue.

Note 2 200 x 280 ft. in C line of Wooster Pike beginning at a point 35.50 ft. S. E. of a point 364.80 ft.

S of N. W. corner of 1 acre tract in DB 1873 page 348.

Note 3 100 x 225 ft.

Note 4 498.01 ft. irregular in C of Indian Hill Road 335.04 ft. W of C line of Wooster Pike.