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610 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
15-Apr-1850Winters, WilliamHill, Amos
12-Mar-1851Winters, WilliamHill, Amos
9-Nov-1856Hill, AmosMossman, Fred
13-Feb-1861Mossman, F. et uxKaufman, Christian
31-May-1887Kaufman, RichardKaufman, Adolph
24-Mar-1891Kaufman, E. et al per Shrff.Larkin, Anna
28-Dec-1893Larkin, William et alBrown, John
21-Apr-1915Brown, JohnLloyd, Harvey P.
18-Jun-1918Lloyd, Harvey P.Heisler, Martha L.
27-Jul-1923Heisler, Martha L.Stevenson, Joseph M.
3-Jul-1925Stephenson, Joseph M.Noertker, Joseph A.
1-May-1945Noertker, Joseph A. & Lillian I.Costello, Emma Newell
20-Dec-1955Costello, Emma NewellSiegman, Ray & Bertha
10-May-1974Village of Terrace ParkAnnexation
31-Jul-1974Shell, E. & G. H.Hodory, R. D. et al
11-Mar-1985Hodory, Robert D et alTerrace Center Associates
12-Dec-1986Terrace Center AssociatesTrainor, Robert N. Tr.
15-Dec-1989Trainor, Robert N. Tr.Winston, F. B. & T. K.
29-Mar-1990Terrace Center AssociatesTrainor, Robert N. Tr.
17-Jul-1990Winston, Fred B. & Toni KDickman, Robert G.
8-Dec-1998Dickman, Robert G.Affidavit
16-Dec-1998Dickman, R. G. & S. J.Diamond D. Investments
31-Jul-2001Diamond D. InvestmentsSt. Thomas Church et al


Note 1 Lots 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 & 34. Also south 156 feet of west of Turner Street 50 feet wide vacated by Ordinance #20-1972.

Also, parts of lots 19, 13, 12, 6, 7, 8 ,9 & 10 and all of unnamed alley along north lines of lots 14 - 28.

156 x 168.85 feet in the west line of Turner Street at SW corner of Turner Street connecting Wooster Pike & Highlands Avenue.

Also, east of Turner street vacated by Ordinance #20-1972. Also 67.96 x 235.32 feet beginning in the east line

of Given Road 270.48 feet north of Wooster Pike.

Note 2 610 and 614 Wooster Pike