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609 Wooster Pike


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
25-Sep-1857Winters, WilliamTaft, Peter & Alphonso
14-Mar-1865Taft, Peter R. et alTraber, Jacob
25-Sep-1884Traber, JacobPeebles, Mary C.
2-Jul-1904Peebles, Mary C.National Building Association Co.
23-May-1894Traber, TheodociaPeebles, Mary C.
15-Sep-1908National Building Association Co.McMullen, Anna ($3500)
30-Oct-1908Peebles, Mary C.McMullen, Anna
11-Mar-1936McMullen, Anna (deceased)McGee, Lenora Schrimpler
27-Oct-1950McGee, Lenora SchrimplerNordloh, Josephine F.
12-Mar-1951Nordloh, Josephine F.Naylor, Jeraldine L.
3-Dec-1953Naylor, Jeraldine L.Kerr, Robert D. & J. D.
20-Nov-1957Kerr, Robert D. & J. D.Carter, Geraldine F.
9-Jun-1969Carter, G. F. & P GeraldineWard, John Jr. & Kaaren S.
26-Jan-2001Ward, John Jr. & Kaaren S.Buchanan, Dianne M.
29-Jan-2001Ward, John Jr.Affidavit as to
11-Mar-2002Buchanan, Dianne M.Stewart, Stephen N. Jr.
2-Mar-2007Stewart, Stephen N. Jr. (deceased)Wells Fargo Bank
10-May-2007Wells Fargo BankLingenfelter, Nicholas
10-May-2007Wells Fargo BankLingenfelter, Nicholas


Note 1 Sheriff's Deed re-recorded to correct spelling of grantee's name.

Note 2 Lot 70 only

Note 3 Lenore Schrimpler McGee was the daughter of Anna McMullen. Lots 58-69, 384-395, 70,

Note 4 Part of lots 63, 64, 65, 66, 389 and part of vacated alley; 78 x 200.60 ft irregular in S line of

Wooster Pike, 135.35 ft. SW of NE corner of lot 70.

Note 5 78 x 200.6 ft. in south line Wooster Pike irregular, 135.35 ft. sw of East line Camden City.

Note 6 Lots 51-69, 384-395

Note 7 52 lots