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801 Park Avenue


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
3-Aug-1841Highlands, AnthonyHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William
21-Jul-1853Highlands, JosephHighlands, William
5-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alHighlands, John S.
15-Apr-1873Highlands, John S.Highlands, William W.
15-Apr-1904Highlands, William W. (dec)Highlands, Anna M. (Exec)
27-Apr-1908Highlands, Anna M. et alBalzhiser, Hattie
10-Jun-1910Balzhiser, HattieMcGoron, John R.
25-Jan-1916McGoron, John R. per SheriffLatimer, Junia H.
8-Mar-1916Latimer, Junia H.Ireton, Louis A. Tr.
30-Oct-1916Ireton, Louis A.McGoron, John R.
30-Oct-1916McGoron, John R.Irwin, Mary L.
9-Aug-1923Irwin, Mary L.Irwin, William T.
29-May-1925Irwin, William T.Eveland, Miles F. & H. H.
9-Dec-1931Eveland, Harry H.Eveland, Miles F.
1-Apr-1941Eveland, Miles F.Cooper, Richard D. & Rose O.
6-Nov-1952Cooper, Richard D. & Rose O.Troescher, Wilbur L. & M. M.
1-Jul-1954Troescher, Wilbur L. & M. M.Lott, George T. & M. E.
3-Aug-1960Lott, George T. & M. E.Fenton, William C. & V. R.
12-Jan-1966Fenton, William C. & V. R.Battle, James E & Gail E.
23-Feb-1982Battle, James E.Battle, Gail E.
26-Mar-1982Battle, James E & Gail E.Battle, Gail E.
26-Mar-1982Battle, Gail E.Schroeder, A. R. Jr. & S. S.
10-Sep-1993Schroeder, A. R. Jr. & S. S.Schmithorst, Howard & Elsa
10-Aug-1995Schroeder, A. R. Jr. & S. H.Kippins, A. C. & S. M.
10-Jan-1996Kippins, A. C. & S. M.Schmithorst, Howard & Elsa
8-Sep-1998Kippins, A. C. & S. M.Schmithorst, Howard & Elsa
6-Mar-2000Schmithorst, Howard & ElsaSchmithorst, Howard & Elsa
5-Oct-2000Schmithorst, Howard & ElsaWarner, A. J. et al
6-Aug-2002Schmithorst, Howard & ElsaSchmithorst, Vincent J. & T. L.


Note 1 5 acres at intersection of SW line of Western Avenue and SE line of Wooster Pike.

Note 2 8.45 acres at intersection of SW line of Western Avenue and SE line of Wooster Pike.

Note 3 All interest in 8.45 acres more or less on corner of Western Avenue and Wooster Pike.

Note 4 Will probated 15-Apr-1904

Note 5 42.22 acres in S. E. 1/4 of Section 29.

Note 6 22.33 acres in south of Section 29.

Note 7 Undeveloped 1/3 of 220 acres on south side of Section 29

Note 8 150.04 acres on south 1/2 of Section 29

Note 9 All interest in DB 190, page 324

Note 10 Anthony, William and Joseph Highlands were brothers and divided the land between them.