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739-2 Park Avenue


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William et al
15-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alGalloway, Hepzibah S. et al
31-May-1873Galloway, Hepzibah S. et alCorey, George W.
7-Jan-1876Highlands, John S. et alCorey, George W.
8-Apr-1908Corey, Lulu et alCorey, Charles E.
5-May-1908Corey, George W. per Admr.Swing, Richard C, Jr
14-May-1908Swing, Richard C, JrCorey, Charles E.
16-May-1908Corey, Charles E.Corey, Louisa
20-May-1908Corey, Willard I. et alCorey, Charles E.
5-Mar-1914Corey, LouisaEveland, George H.
8-Apr-1914Corey, Charles E.Corey, Rachel A. et al
10-Jan-1920Eveland, George H.Eveland, Miles F.
2-Dec-1930Eveland, Miles F. & Harry H.Fender, George H.
10-Jan-1948Eveland, Miles F.Eveland, Harry H.
21-Jun-1952Eveland, Harry H.Tischler, Clarence R.
26-Jun-1954Tischler, Clarence R.Lacy, Delbert H & Vivian D.
18-Jul-1960Lacy, Delbert H & Vivian D.Stumpe, Albert F. & Ada M.
18-Jun-1964Stumpe, Albert F. & Ada M.Stegemeyer, F. Lee & Patricia
15-Oct-1976Stegemeyer, F. Lee & PatriciaHobson, F. D.
29-Jun-1982Hobson, F. D.Hobson, Elizabeth B. & Henry W.
6-Jul-1984Hobson, Elizabeth B. & Henry W.Landerwitsch, Frederick A. & Sarah
7-Aug-1989Landerwitsch, Frederick A. & SarahHobson, Elizabeth B. & Henry W.
7-Aug-1989Landerwitsch, Frederick A. & SarahPfeiffer, Phillip E. & Stephanie
6-Jul-1995Pfeiffer, Phillip E. & StephanieEiel, Richard H. & Deborah C.
6-Nov-1996Eiel, Richard H. & Deborah C.Johnston, W. Christopher & Cynthia
18-Aug-1997Johnston, Cynthia H.Johnston, W. Christopher
9-Aug-2006Johnston, W. ChristopherLundeberg, Sharon C. & Mathew J.
27-Dec-2006Overstreet, Ernest H. Jr. Tr.Rassi, Martha J.& Polly Brennaman
24-Apr-2008Rassi, Martha J.& Polly BrennamanRassi, Martha J. Tr.


Note 1 No deed was located to record the transfer of this land to Lulu Corey.