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734 Park Avenue


Recorded DateGrantorGrantee
21-Jul-1853Ohio, State ofHighlands, William et al
15-Apr-1873Highlands, William et alGalloway, Hepzibah S. et al
31-May-1873Galloway, Hepzibah S. et alCorey, George W.
7-Jan-1876Highlands, John S. et alCorey, George W.
8-Apr-1908Corey, Lulu et alCorey, Charles E.
5-May-1908Corey, George W. per Admr.Swing, Richard C, Jr
14-May-1908Swing, Richard C, JrCorey, Charles E.
16-May-1908Corey, Charles E.Corey, Louisa
20-May-1908Corey, Willard I. et alCorey, Charles E.
5-Mar-1914Corey, LouisaEveland, George H.
8-Apr-1914Corey, Charles E.Corey, Rachel A. et al
18-Jan-1923Eveland, George H. & E.C.Eveland, Miles F.
30-Sep-1949Eveland, Miles F. Est ofEveland, Penelope L.
1-Apr-1950Eveland, Penelope L. et alBrown, Eliza Jane
1-Apr-1950Brown, Eliza JaneBrown, Bruce D.
18-Nov-1976Brown, Bruce D. & Eliza JaneBrown, Bruce D. & Eliza Jane
3-Jul-1995Brown, Bruce D. & Eliza JaneEbel, Reed
22-May-2003Ebel, ReedEbel, Gregory L.
12-Jul-2005Ebel, Gregory L. & ReedCarroll, James J. Tr.
12-Jul-2005Carroll, James J. Tr.Ebel, Gregory L. & Reed
2-May-2006Ebel, Gregory L. & ReedSmith, Ronald Mark & Rebecca D.


Note 1 No deed was located to record the transfer of this land to Lulu Corey.