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General Information

No:  717-1
Street:   Wooster (Burned down 2002)
Name:  Galloway Nursery
Family:  Village of Terrace Park (428 Elm)
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  Y
Built:   1926
Sec  29
Sub  Wooster Pike
Lot:  109-110
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  null
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Village of Terrace Park

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  Y

Changes Description:   After 1935 - additional bedroom added (this must be in the wing Virginia Fenton mentions) and 2 car detached garage (?). 1945c - chicken house demolished. 2002 - permit for City of Terrace Park to demolish residence (Evans Landscaping contractor). Burned down by Terrace Park Volunteer Fire Department.


Current Owner: Village of Terrace Park Date Fr: 1994 Date To: 
Original: Highlands, Galloway, Boone Date Fr: 1907 Date To: 1923
1: Laura B. Galloway Date Fr 1: 1923 Date To 1: 
2: William E. Galloway Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 
3: James A. & Ada Belle Crawford Date Fr 3: 1928 Date To 3: 1934
4: Mrs. Robert P. Bailey (Emma) Date Fr 4: 1935 Date To 4: 1940
5: Ellis Rawnsley Date Fr 5: 1940 Date To 5: 1994
6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6:  1975


Story 1   Site was included in the nursery, which William Galloway operated prior to the Spanish-American War. When the Rawnsleys 1st moved in, they could see the remains of pit greenhouses (ditch dug to walk in with plants growing at ground level - cold frame covers and stove heat). Large bed of daffodils between Rawnsleys and Cornishes (725 Wooster) that Kate Cornish collected to sell. (see 410 Elm - Galloway home & 725 Wooster)
Story 2   1 acre of ground, 1 floor plan frame bungalow, 2 car garage and chicken coop up for auction in July, 1934 (pictures of auction ad in the file). Can be sold for 2/3rds. Beautiful house. Beautiful trees. Garden spot. Quiet, safe, healthy for the grown ups as well as the children. This house was white when the Rawnsleys bought it, later painted red and finally green.
Story 3   Several Rawnsley (& Bill C. Fenton, son-in-law, at 801 Park) articles in Miller Scrapbook 1961.
Story 4   Deed dated April 28, 1934 recorded in Deed Book # 1657, p. 342, Hamilton County records.
Story 5   Ellis was an award winning garden editor and copy editor with the Cincinnati Enquirer. Many of his garden and other articles are in the archives of the Terrace Park Historical Society as is also the book he authored: A Place Called Terrace Park.
Story 6   Newspaperman Buys in Terrace Park. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Rawnsley have taken title to the residence at 717 Wooster Pike near the juncture of Old Indian Hill Road, Terrace Park. The frame dwelling has six rooms on the first-floor level and the buyers intend to develop two or three more rooms on the second floor. A large screened porch is in front and a stone terrace on the side. A frame garage in the rear houses two machines. The site takes in two acres of land. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bailey were the former owners. Albert J. Mayer Jr. of Theodore Mayer & Bro. made the sale. Rawnsley is political reporter of the Times-Star. He will be a neighbor of Frank Y. Grayson, Times-Star baseball writer, who lives near by at Park and Western Avenues. (from an undated newspaper clipping, but it must be around 1940)
Story 7   Bonnita W. Rawnsley was born in Saxonburg PA 12 October 1904 and died 2 April 1990 aged 85 years. Her parents were Gustav Hammer and Clara Pickle. Ellis Rawnsley was born in England 29 December, 1906 and died 20 November 2001, aged 94 years, buried 6 October 2005 in Spring Grove Cemetery. Both bodies were given to the University of Cincinnati for research. His mother,


1939 Map: Ferber Bailey

1942 Map: Rawnsley

1951/3 Map: Rawnsley

1959 Directory: Ellis & Bonita Bonnie Rawnsley

1960-93 Directories: ''

1994-95 Direct: '' (to Village of Terrace Park in 1994)

1996-97 Direct: '' (Rawnsley still listed but actually sold to Village of Terrace Park)

1998-99 Direct: (Ellis moved to Sem Terrace, Milford)

2000-01 Direct: