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General Information

No:  621
Street:   Wooster
Name:  null
Family:  null
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  N
Built:   1981
Sec  23
Sub  Camden City
Lot:  51-54
Architect:  Richard Ward
Cont/Build:  Composite - Architect/Builder/Developer

#Owners:  null
Original Use:  Commercial
Current Use:  Commercial

CHANGES - As Built:  Y
Add To:  N
Sub From:  N
Replace:  Y


Current Owner: 621 Wooster Pike LLC Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original: Paul C. Cramer and Harry Hake (new building) Date Fr: 1981 Date To: 2005
1:  Stephen A. & Sarah E. Winter Date Fr 1: 2005 Date To 1: 2010
2: Cottage Savings Bank Date Fr 2: 2010 Date To 2: 2012
3:  Date Fr 3:  Date To 3: 
4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5:  Previous owners
: Edward C. & A. K. Schreiber Date Fr: 1929 Date To: 1930
: Terrace Park Oil Company Date Fr  1930 Date To: 1935
: Cities Service Oil Co. Del CP Date Fr: 1935 Date To: 1975
: J. D. Streett & Co. Inc. Date Fr: 1975 Date To: 1980
:  Roger R. Early TRS Date Fr: 1980 Date To: 1981
: Paul C. Cramer TR  (see above for new building) Date Fr:1981 Date To: 2005 1975


Story 1   Early ownership of land and buildings: 1865 Alphonse Taft to Jacob Traber, 1884 Joseph & Theososia Traber to Mary C. Peebles, 1908 National Business Assn. Co. to Anna McMullen, 1929 to Edward C. & A. K. Schreiber, 1930 to Terrace Park Oil Co., 1935 to Cities Service Oil Co., 1936 to Cities Service Oil Co. of Del., 1937 to Cities Service Oil & Refining Co. Del. (from Lee Cole research at Recorder's Office)
Story 2   Cities Service Station built in 1929 by Frank Weniski, Sidney Mayer and Ed Schreiber. Clarence Brunner, formerly of 407 Elm Avenue, was the operator and his brother Bryan was the chief mechanic. In 1958, Cities Service rebuilt the station and renamed it Citgo. It was later sold to the J. D. Streett Co, of St. Louis, who operated it as the Zephyr station. Other operators after Brunner were Lowell Cramer, Eddie Vinup, Bill Cusik and Ken Hinners. Clarence Brunner's daughter is Betty Strathman, 417 Washington Ave., who furnished the information. Village Views April 1981. (Another source [who?] says Brunner's Garage was built in 1934 by Herb Mayr, Ed Schrieber & Frank Newski.)
Story 3   The Clarence Brunner Service Station (Independent Dealer 1934) was built by Herb Mayer, Ed Schreiber & Frank Neweski. It was on the SE corner of Elm & Wooster (see picture).
Story 4   The Cramer family lived at 435 Elm in the 1960s.


1939 Map: Brunner

1942 Map: Gas Station (Brunner)

1951/3 Map: Gas Station (Brunner)

1963-66 Directories: Cramer Cities Service

1967-68 Direct: Cramer Citgo Service

1971-74 Directories: Terrace Park Zephyr

1975-78 Directories: (Sold 1975)

1980 Directory: -----

1982 Directory: Cramer

1984 Directory: ----

1986 Directory: Paul C. Cramer Co.

1988-93 Directories: Paul C. Cramer Co., Nisonger Assoc., Inc.

1994-97 Directories: Eileen Buban, Psychol.; Collegiate Counseling; Paul C. Cramer Co.; Krueger Nationwide Insurance; Nisonger Assoc., Inc.

1998-2001 Directories: Jack Brown (Attorney), Paul C. Cramer Co., Krueger Nationwide Ins., Nisonger Assoc.

2002-03 Direct: Paul C. Cramer Co., Krueger Nationwide Insurance, Nisonger Assoc.

2004-05 Direct: Paul C. Cramer Co., Krueger Nationwide Ins., Nisonger Assoc., Inc.,

2006-07 Direct: Paul C. Cramer Co.,Krueger Nationwide Ins., Nisonger Associates, Inc.

2011-12 Directories: Krueger Nationwide Ins.,

2017 Directory: Deeter, Josh

2017 Directory: Jr., Atty" and "Heuck

2017 Directory: Satterwhite, David