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407 Western

Old Version

General Information

No:   407  
Street:    Western   
Name:   null  
Family:   Wilson  
Historic Plaque:   null  
Owner Info:   N  
Built:    1989   
Sec:   29  
Subdivision:   null  
Lot:   (Pars 96?)  
Architect:   null  
Cont/build:   null  

Owners:   3  
Original Use:   Residential  
Current Use:   Residential  

As Built:   Y  
Added To:   N  
Subtracted From:   N  
Replaced:   N  

Description Of Changes:    1992  


Current Owner: Stephen R. & Alice D. Wilson Date Fr: 1994 Date Toc: 
Original: Ron & Laura Rutherford Date Fr: 1988 1992 
1: Kevin J. & Laura A. Dunworth Date Fr 1: 1992 Date To 1: 1994


Story 1: The Sommer family (308 Marietta) for many years also owned a lot at the Wooster Pike end of Western Avenue (407). When Chuck Rockel was Mayor of Terrace Park, Lillian S. Atchley, next door at 409 Western had quite a controversy with the Sommer family about whether this was a buildable lot. She wrote an entire letter concerning the history of the lot, which includes the fact that quite a bit of the original lot was removed when Wooster Pike was widened in 1939. It looks as if the Tigners may have been going to build a house there in 1979 but one was not built until 1989. See letter on file at TP Historical Society.


1992-93 Direct: ---- (Sold 1992)

1994-2019 Directories: Steve & Alice Wilson (Sold 1994)