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General Information

No:  413
Street:   Terrace Place
Name:  null
Family:  Wiebold Art Conservation Lab
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  Y
Built:  N
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot:  113 & 114
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  5F
Original Use:  Commercial
Current Use:  Commercial

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:   1970 (connected front building to rear garage), 1986 (expanded 760 sq. ft. on NE corner) & 1991 - Charles Wiebold made additions. 1972 - Wiebold erected a 9' x 10' storage shed for business. Sept 7, 1976 - Charles L. W. Wiebold bid $16,050.00 to purchase lots 113 & 114 (rear?). Purpose - for addition to existing building & parking. I propose to let the Village continue to use the remainder of these lots as tree sanctuary. - land on Harvard behind Wiebold. May 4 offered $10,000 for lot behind studio & market.


Current Owner: Bill Wiebold (Art Conservation Lab) Date Fr: 1966 Date To: 
Original: Faye B. Corey Date Fr: 1947 Date To: 1953
1: Maro Morris Day Date Fr 1: 1953 Date To 1: 1958
2: Joseph W. Nordloh Date Fr 2: 1958 Date To 2: 1966
3: Loretta Wiebold Date Fr 3: 1966 Date To 3: 1970
4: Mary Barrett, Trustee Date Fr 4: 1970 Date To 4: 1970
5: Loretta M. & Charles C. Wiebold Date Fr 5: 1970 Date To 5: 1991
6: Charles C. Wiebold EXP. N AF Date Fr 6: 1991 Date To 6: 1994
7: Charles L. W.  & Catherine Wiebold Date Fr 7: 1994 Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9: Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10: Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1   Thought to have been an empty lot until Robert Bob Corey purchased it from Louis Bosch in 1947 and built an ice cream parlor in the early 1950s which he and his wife, Faye, ran for a brief time, selling to Maro Day in 1953. According to Susan Heil Frank (and others) this was not just an ice cream parlor but a restaurant called the Parker House and was very popular with the young people.Faye Corey was the cook.
Story 2   Trackside Treasures - article in Eastern Hamilton County Messenger, April 14, 1966. Trackside Treasures, an unusual new shop which will handle original paintings, sketches, crafts, decorative items and uniquely refinished furniture, will open for the first time Saturday in Terrace Park at 411 Terrace Place. Present plans call for the shop to be open three days a wee, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays form 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, merchandise will be shown at other hours by appointment. Trackside Treasures will be operated by Mr. and Mrs. William Donaldson of Terrace Park [211 Terrace Place]. The shop will have all one-of-a-kind offerings by local artists and craftsmen. Since article says 411 was it here at 413 or actually at 411?


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