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General Information

No:  321
Street:   Rugby
Name:  A Railroad House
Family:  Sheridan
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  N
Built:  N
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot:  58-59
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  12+
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:   1963 - Bill & Ellie Byars had the house rewired, put in a new gas heater, changed the heating ducts from the floor to baseboard and remodeled the basement (info from Bill Byars). Early 1964 - House remodeled. Architect Stan Kolinsky. The side porch to the north was added, the kitchen was remodeled and the roof was reinforced so an addition could be added above the kitchen at a later date, the downstairs lavatory was added, the family room was remodeled and the see through fireplace was sealed off in the living room as smoke would blow into the rooms every time the front door was opened. Wall to wall carpeting was put down. Info from Bill Byars. 1977 - Terry Bernard built a family room and attached 2 car garage. 1992 - addition. 2002 - permit for Geoffrey Tetrault to add master bedroom and bath above existing family room. Add stairs and reinforce roof to carriage house (William Garrigan, contractor, Mark McConnell, architect).2006 - Tetrault permit to add & remodel (Schwieterman architect)


Current Owner: Kevin M. Sheridan Date Fr: 2010 Date To: 
Original: David J. & Annie McMullen in 1900 census (moved to 607 Wooster Pike).  Probably built by a Sibley son and bought by or built for David McMullen.  (see deeds) Date Fr: 1898 Date To: 1917
1: Elsie M. Davis Date Fr 1: 1917 Date T 1:1920
: 2 George H. Godley Date Fr: 2 1920 Date To 2: 1922
3: Jason E. & E.E. Miller Date Fr: 3 1922 Date To 3: 1923
4: Estella E. Fitzwilson Date Fr 4: 1923 Date To: 4 1931
5: Howard S. Mayer Date Fr 5: 1931 Date To 5: 1934
6: Central Trust Co. Date Fr 6 1934 Date To 6: 1939
7: Verian P. "Vinnie" Ader (& Bud) Date Fr 7: 1939 Date To 7: 1954
8: James D. & Dorothy H. Bruning Date Fr 8: 1954 Date To 8: 1963
9: William L III "Bill" & Eleanor "Ellie: Nisbet  Byars Date Fr 9: 1963 Date To 9: 1969
10: Terry L. & Judith K. Bernard Date Fr 10: 1969 Date To 10: 2001
11: Geoffrey P. Tetrault Date Fr 11: 2001 Date To 11: 2010
12:  Date Fr 12:  Date To 12:  1975


Story 1   Jinny Cotherman from Lake Forest, Illinois, visited Terrace Park in April 2003 to find her mother's childhood home. Jinny's mother was Mary Elaine Fitzwilson (now Anderson). Her parents' names were Estelle and Charles (see Deeds: Estella E. Fitzwilson owned 321 Rugby from 1923 to 1931). She had 3 brothers (Charles, Robert & Richard). In 2003 she and her brother Richard are the only ones still alive. The Fitzwilson family were living here when the 1930 Census was taken (see Census: Their father is listed as a salesman).
Story 2   Vinnie Ader told Jane Peterson she had heard that at one time Robinson Circus performers boarded in this house.
Story 3   Byars family (from Bill Byars 2005). Bill Byars grew up at 606 Home, graduated from Mariemont High School in 1954 and then from Denison University. His first wife was Ellie and they bought 321 Rugby in 1963. They had 3 children, Marshall (living in Loveland OH 2005), Julie & Tom. After they divorced, Nancy Cox moved in with Vinnie Ader (next door), they started dating and then married. They had one daughter, Stacy, born December 15, 1969. They sold 321 Rugby in 1970 and moved to Findlay OH. After they were divorced, Bill married Margo Zickafoose. She had 2 boys, Scott & Tim, whom Bill adopted. They had a daughter, Brean, who was born after thy moved (1972) to Salt Lake City. They divorced in 1987 and Bill has enjoyed being single ever since. He still lives in Salt Lake City summers and in Avon Park FL winters. He's a retired Physicist who spends his spare time traveling and trying to keep track of his kids and grandchildren.
Story 4   Anna McMullen bought 607 Wooster Pike in 1907. When did they move? Did they move there and rent 321 Rugby?
Story 5   Kevin Sheridan grew up in Terrace Park at 620 Lexington.


1942 Map: Ader

1951/3 Map: Eugene Ader (moved to 313 Rugby BH&G house they built)

1959-63 Directories: J. D. Dave & Dorothy Bruning

1963-66 Directories: Bill & Ellie Byars

1967-70 Directories: Bill Byars

1971-99 Directories: Terry & Judy Bernard ('69 from Reading)

2000-01 Directory: (Sold 2001)

2002-03 Directory: Geoffrey & Renee Tetrault (moved from 716 Yale)

2004-09 Directories: (Sold 2010)

2011-12 Directories: Kevin & Jacqueline Sheridan

2015 Directory: Sheridan, Kevin and Jackie

2017 Directory: Sheridan, Kevin and Jackie