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General Information

No:  303-1
Street:   Rugby
Name:  Huber Lloyd House
Family:  null
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  Y
Built:   1907-8
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot:  65-66-67-68
Architect:  (with ideas from Huber Allan Lloyd)
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  2F
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  Y
Add To:  N
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  Y

Changes Description:   House burned down May 20, 2006 by the Terrace Park Fire Department as a learning exercise. 2006/07 - Adam Bortz permit for new residence (Matt Evans - Arcanum, architect; Town Properties, contractor).


Current Owner:  Date Fr: Date Toc: 
Original: Huber Allan & Mary Dunham Lloyd Date Fr: 1907 Date To: 
1: Horace & Mary Catherine Lloyd Wersel  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 
2: William T. Lloyd & Mary Lloyd Wersel (brother & sister) Date Fr 2: 1958 Date To 2: 1972
3: John & Suzanne Schulkers Date Fr 3: 1972 Date To 3: 2005
4: Herbert B. Weiss Tr. Date Fr 4: 2005 Date To 4: 2006
5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1958
: Mary D. Lloyd.  Lots 65-66-67-68 Sibley 1st (3&4 Camden City) 1975


Story 1   Information from an article by L. W. D. donated to the Terrace Park Archives from the Terrace Park Woman's Club: Mary Dunham Lloyd was born in one of the Edwards' homes on Round Bottom Road on the outskirts of Newtown, Ohio. She graduated from Hughes High School in 1896 and for 2 years attended Oxford College, a Presbyterian College for Young Women in Oxford, Ohio. In 1904 she married Huber Allan Lloyd and came to Terrace Park with him to live in the house adjoining the Allan H. Lloyd home at 306 Rugby Avenue. There 2 children were born: Mary Catherine Wersel Lloyd and Phoebe Edwards Lloyd. (Their house was later moved across the alley to 313 Oxford Avenue.)
Story 2   Mary Catherine Lloyd Wersel inherited the house from her parents.
Story 3   Sue Schulkers and Amy Ward Heilbronner's mother were sisters. Schulkers rented the house a few years before buying it.
Story 4   John Randolph Schulkers was born 6 April 1926 and died 16 February 2005, aged 78 years. Suzanne Grover Schulkers was born 16 April 1926 and died 17 November 2001, aged 75 years, Craver-Riggs Funeral Home. They are both buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 3, Niche 90. Their


1939 Map: Lloyd

1942 Map: H. Lloyd

1951/3 Map: Mrs. H. A. Lloyd

1959 Directory: Dan & Lou Baumle (probably renters)

1960 Directory: ''

1962-63 Direct: Charles J. & Lilia Allessi (probably renters)

1963-64 Direct:

1965-66 Direct: John & Sue Schulkers (moved from 418 Washington and rented from Lloyd/Wersel from 1964 until they bought it in 1972)

1967-2005 Directories: ''

2006-07 Direct: Fire Department exercise burned home 20 May 2006. The rest bulldozed.