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General Information

No:  307
Street:  Oxford
Name:  Bruhl/Allison House
Family:  Heis
Historic Plaque:  2008
Owner Info:  N
Built:  1910?
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley
Lot:  7, 8 & 9

Description:  2 1/2 story yellow brick four square home, hip roof.
#Owners:  7
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  N

Changes Description:  1994 - permit for David Randolph: removal & addition (Randy Hershey, architect; Drackett & Harth, contractor). 2004 permit for Peppetts to remodel a 2nd bedroom into a bathroom (Bruce Goetzman, architect).2007 permit for Sean McCarthy - additional master bedroom/bath on 2nd floor & 2 car garage on 1st. Convert existing bath to hall bath/laundry (Martin McGrory [507 Amherst] - TBS). W. & Catherine E. Bruhl


Current Owner: Kenneth F. & Jennifer Snyder Heis Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original: Charles W. & Catherine E. Bruhl Date Fr: 1912 Date To: 1948
1: Marjorie B. Allison Date Fr 1: 1948 Date To 1: 1983
2: Gary W. & Sharon A. Stanley Date Fr 2: 1983 Date To 2: 1984
3: David C. & Jo Ann Randolph Date Fr 3: 1984 Date To 3: 2002
4: Donald N. & Karen H. Aicklen Date Fr 4: 2002 Date To 4: 2003
5: Jeffrey T. & Sabrina N. Peppett Date Fr 5: 2003 Date To 5: 2004
6:  Sean & Kimberly Rhoads McCarthy Date Fr 6: 2004 Date To 6: 2012
7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9: Date Fr 9: Date To 9:
10: Date Fr 10: Date To 10: 1958
: Marjorie B. Allison.  Lots 7-8 & Pt 9 Sibley 1st. 1975


Story 1   Charles W. Bruhl was Mayor of Terrace Park 1916-19.(relative Joan Barker 5 Stoney
Story 2   Guy Sunny Startsman (son of Guy) lived here c 1925 or later according to pictures given to the Terrace Park Garden Club for the celebration May 2, 1995 of the Club's 75th Anniversary.(see also census for 1930)
Story 3   According to an affidavit after the death of Charles W. Bruhl sworn by Catherine Bruhl on February 8, 1927, Carl Phares, Public Notary of Hamilton County OH - Charles W. Bruhl died on or about the 27th day of May, 1925, a resident of Terrace Park. His heirs: widow Catherine E. Bruhl of Terrace Park, son Arthur G. Bruhl of Zanesville OH, daughter Clara Mary Magdaline Dowling of Cincinnati OH, daughter Ida Theodora Fanger of Cincinnati OH, daughter Catherine Ruth Bruhl of Terrace Park & daughter Helen Regina Startsman of Terrace Park.
Story 4   Joan Barker (5 Stoney Creek) is a Bruhl descendant. In 2008 she still had an aunt living (Joy Cronin, nee Fanger) who remembers visiting the Bruhl family in Terrace Park on Sundays. The Bruhls were her mother's parents (mother was Ida Fanger, nee Bruhl). She remembers that they grew vegetables and she remembers fondly their daughter, Regina, also living there with her husband, Guy Startsman. Joy's older brother was John Fanger, Joan Barker's uncle.
Story 5   This home is on the September 21, 2008 Terrace Park Historical Society House Tour.
Story 6   Points of Interest (information from the 2008 House Tour) 1) Originally a yellow brick Four Square home. 2) The first two owners of the home were Charles and Catherine Bruhl from 1912-1948, and Ray and Marjorie Allison from 1948 - 1983. Charles Buhl was mayor of Terrace Park from1916-19. Ray Allison was mayor from 1957-59. Terrace Park resident, Joan Barker, is a Bruhl descendant. Her aunt remembers visiting the Bruhls every Sunday and enjoying their homegrown vegetables. She also remembers the Bruhls daughter, Regina, married to Guy Startsman. The Bruhls were her mothers parents. 3) There are some very interesting pencil markings on a door in the cellar. They concern the cycle of the moon and crops that were stored there, probably along with canned items on shelves. They must have been made by the Bruhl family. Charles Bruhl was listed as a farmer in the 1910 census before he moved to Terrace Park. Both his and his wifes father were born in Germany as well as her mother, so they may have grown up in somewhat German families. 4) Family room off the back of the house was added in 1994 by the Randolph family (Randy Hershey, architect; Drackett and Harth, builders). This was the first step in updating the original house for todays living standards. They added a great room, finished basement underneath, updated the existing kitchen, and added the deck and gazebo. 5) When the McCarthys bought the house in 2005, the 2nd floor still had the original 4 bedrooms with one hall bathroom. In 2007 they added a master suite (bedroom, bathroom & 2 closets) above the new garage, laundry room and another full bathroom. On the 1st floor they added a mudroom next to the new garage. 6) Both in 1994 and 2007 the star pattern windows of the original house were copied in the additions. 7) Marty McGrory was the McCarthys architect/builder. He was meticulous about matching the exterior brick and foundation, interior window casings etc. He was in the house during the tour so people could talk with him about what he's done in that house.
Story 7   Ray Dixon Allison was born 18 January 1914 & died (aged 70 years) 23 July 1984, buried 26 July 1984. Marjorie B. Allison was born 21 December, 1918 & died (aged 86 years) 26 July 2005, buried 29 July 2005, Elden A. Good Funeral Home. Both are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH.


1939 Map: Startsman

1942 Map: Guy Startsman

1951/3 Map: Ray Allison

1959 Directory: R. D. or Ray & Marge Allison

1960-80 Directories:

1982 Directory: (Sold 1983)

1984 Directory: David & Jo Ann Randolph (Sold 1984)

1986-2001 Directories: ''

2002-03 Direct: JoAnn Randolph (Aicklens earlier at 603 Marietta & 212 Miami) (Sold 2002) (sold 2003)

2004-05 Direct: Peppett (moved from 707 Lexington and then back there) (Sold 2004)

2006-12 Directories: Sean & Kim McCarthy (moved from 1 Elm Ledge)

2015 Directory: Heis, Ken and Jeni

2017 Directory: Heis, Ken and Jeni