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General Information

No:  815
Street:   Miami
Name:  Underwood House
Family:  Olson
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  Y
Built:  N
Sec  22
Sub  Sibley's 2nd BL 12
Lot:  15 - 19
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  null
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:   1966 building permit says addition to south side of building: living room, dining room, bedroom and bath. Steinkamp & Nordloh, architects; Don Curless, builder; owner Robert N. Lindesmith. From Lindesmith's son, Will - Added four rooms: on the first floor, a formal living room, dining room, and utility room (with a walk-in pantry between the utility room and the kitchen); on the second (actually reached through the stair landing), a large bedroom, full bath, a walk-in closet (with small attic space above it), and a railed deck, which was over the utility room. The original living room became a music room and the original dining room, a family room. (see more below in Description.) 1973 - Fitzhugh Corr added a room. 1983 - added entry hall and closet. Early 1980s - (?) bedroom added to 2nd floor. 1988-90 Harrisons restored the original outbuilding and enclosed the lean-to area. Added a room off the kitchen, replaced and added deck (wood deck on concrete piers). 1991 - added to existing deck. 2003 - porch & deck on old deck area (Olson). 2005 permit for Olson to add & remodel - alteration to rear entry porch. Charles Terrel. [Irvin J. Rauscher ( renters?)


Current Owner: Stefan & Elizabeth Olson Date Fr: 1997 Date To: 
Original: Roy L. Underwood  to Thusnelda E. Underwood (see deeds) Date Fr:  Date To: 1948 [Irvin J. Rauscher ( renters?) Date Fr 1: ??? Date To 1: ???
2: Foster C. & Martha Fahey Date Fr 2: 1948 Date To 2: 1954
3: James F. & Mary M. Daum Date Fr 3: 1954 Date To 3: 1959
4: John H. & Mary Eliz. Stevens Date Fr 4: 1959 Date To 4: 1966
5: Robert N. & Harriet "Roma" Lindesmith  Date Fr 5: 1966 Date To 5: 1973
6: Fitzhugh L. & Elizabeth D. Corr Date Fr 6: 1973 Date To 6: 1988
7: Robert Brandon Jr. & Agnes S."Tucky" Harrison Date Fr 7: 1988 Date To 7: 1997
8: Stephen P. Kenkel Tr.  Date Fr 8: 1997 Date To 8: 1997
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1   In the old living room, there were bookcases flanking a small Victorian fireplace. My parents decided to knock through the cases, creating two entries into the new living room. My father was extremely excited to find, under inches of plaster and wallpaper, a good-sized 'farm-style' brick fireplace; working with the architects, the decision was made to expose all the brickwork; convert the fireplace to gas; and have it open to both the new living room and the new music room (previously the old living room), featuring a raised hearth in the former and a flat one in the latter. In the old dining room (the new family room), the open brick work of its fireplace was retained, as was the small Victorian-style grate. It was my mother's idea to cut a window over the kitchen sink looking into the family room, her rationale being that '...I spend so d...mned much time in the kitchen, it might be nice to catch a glimpse of life out in the real world' (!) Needless to say, it was also her idea to incorporate both the walk-in pantry and a full utility room into the new plans. Little or nothing needed to be done to the old second floor: my bedroom was in the front (The two windows to the left, overlooking the street); my sister's was to the back (over the old dining room); the full bath was between my sister's bedroom and the tiny third bedroom; the tiny bedroom itself (which the Stevens used as a nursery) was turned into a TV room; and the upper landing was so spacious, my father was able to use it as his den. (And in both the large bedrooms, you could still see traces of where fireplaces had, at one time, been.) Windows on the side of the new wing (1998 front picture): 1st floor window #1- new living room; 1st floor window #2 - new dining room; 1st floor window #3 - utility room (almost completely hidden in this picture, more visible in the 1998 side picture); 2nd floor window #1 - new master bedroom; 2nd floor windows #2 - added after Will's parents but in what was then the master bath; 2nd floor window #3 - added after Will's parents; the not-easy-to-access deck that my parents built was enclosed and this window is in that room. Will does not remember any of the diamond-shaped windows, upstairs and down (in picture of Tillie at 315 Miami Avenue), that must have been removed before the Lindesmiths moved there. He does comment on what a wonderful house this was for entertaining, both summer and winter, because it was so easy to circulate from one room to another and back around or outdoors. In summer, guests used either the brick-paved terrace running all along the back of the original structure, descending two or three small steps on either side down to the lawn; a large patio under an ENORMOUS tree in the back yard (gravel, enclosed by old railroad ties, trimmed with shrubs); or a little gravel area just outside of the new utility room, separated from the driveway. There was a large glass-topped wrought-iron table and chairs on the terrace; deck chairs, a hammock, and small snack tables on the patio, and a picnic table and benches in the little gravel area.
Story 2   The original garage was built c1892 and was intended to provide electricity for Cincinnati. By the time construction was completed, C. G. &.E. was in business and that use never came to pass. The structure apparently was used as a water supply and outstation for the Terrace Park Fire Company. It was later converted to an apartment, according to plumbing and wiring, but was in ruins and a hazard in the 1980s. It has now been restored and is an office and workshop or den.
Story 3   1911-12 Directory: Roy Underwood - mechanical engineer & George Underwood (Lucy) painter.
Story 4   Marie Stoecklin remembers the Seed family who lived here in the 1930s and 40s for about 10 years. They rented from Roy Underwood 1935-1942. There were 6 children: Dorothy (married Rohrer), Duane, Hugh, Roland, Sarah Sally and Connie. Connie was a friend of one of the Stoecklin's daughters. Roland played basketball with Eppa Rixey. Sarah Seed Seedhouse lives in Strongsville Ohio, Cleveland area (2003). Her son Brian now lives in the Cincinnati area and works for Fifth Third Bank. Sarah remembers Terrace Park as a wonderful place to grow up. One could go anywhere and feel safe and happy. She also remembers walking to the Post Office and the little store as well as going to the movies in Milford. The family came here from Detroit and moved to Fort Mitchell KY for a year and then to the Cleveland area.Hugh also remembers Terrace Park as a wonderful place to grow up - no place like it. Every block had a field. He spent a lot of time at the Gooder's home on Yale. He remembers a lot of families: Gellhaus, Clancey, Mathis, Gerard, Proctor, West, Stevens, Steelman and others. Tom Proctor also remembers the Seed family, especially two of the boys who were wonderful jitter buggers. All the girls wanted to dance with them.
Story 5   More information from Will Lindesmith - With regard to the deck, I did not understand then - nor do I understand now! - why the only access to this deck [over the utility room] was by a fairly uncomfortable climb through either the closet window, master bathroom window, or the window in the small bedroom.
Story 6   Did the Irvin J. Rauschers live here - renters from Roy Underwood or the Underwood family?
Story 7   Ron Bernert (son of Mary Armstrong at 209 Stanton) has a story to tell and wonders if it's all true. Back in the early 80's, there was a set of old cast iron steps going down the bank partially to the river. (This was no doubt the fire escape bought by Robert Lindesmith) They were in such bad shape you could not use them, but near the bottom was a large steel boiler or something about 20 feet from the river. It was about 15 feet across at one point. We were bored one day so we tore most of it up and threw it into the Little Miami, but we were told that it was the boiler from the original power company that provided power for Terrace Park when the railroad was around. We were told this by an old man who lived a couple of doors down. Does anyone know more about this or can anyone confirm what the structure was?


1939 Map: Seed (renters?)

1942 Map: Seed (renters?)

1951/3 Map: Foster Fahey

1959 Directory: James & Mary Daum

1960-66 Directories: John & Mary Stevens

1967-70 Directories: Robert Bob& Roma Lindesmith (P&G)

1971-72 Direct: (Bob retired from P&G in 1973. They relocated to Florida. He diedthere in 1993. Roma died in 2004)

1973-86 Directories: Fritz & Buffy Corr (moved from 100 Red Bird)

1988-97 Directories: R. Brandon Jr. & Tucky Harrison (Sold 1988)

1998-2012 Directories: Stefan & Elizabeth Olson (moved from 800 Elm)

2015 Directory: Olson, Stefan and Elizabeth

2017 Directory: Olson, Stefan and Elizabeth