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General Information

No:  609
Street:  Miami
Name:  R. K. LeBlond Cottage
Family:  FOR SALE
Historic Plaque:  2008
Owner Info:  N
Built:  N
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley
Lot:  19-26, pt 18
Architect:  Walter L. Rapp?
Cont/Build:  not known

Description:  2 story Dutch, siding, gambrel roof with long dormer in the front. Walter L.Rapp was the architect for the LeBlond factory and the family home in Tusculum, so he may have been the architect for the family in Terrace Park.
#Owners:  12
Original Use:  Summer home
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:  1983 - extended and remodeled the garage (drawing in permit file - Village?). 2006 - Grever permit - interior alterations - relocate kitchen, powder room & stairs to basement; renovation of master bath; relocate laundry to 2nd floor (Michaelson Homes, Laura Deal-Stankorb, designer).


Current Owner: Date Fr: 2015 Date To: 
Original: Richard K. LeBlond (see deeds for earlier) Date Fr: 1913 (probably earlier) Date To: 1921
: Cincinnati Business Woman's Club Date Fr: 1921 Date To: 1924
1: Leonora V. & F. A. Terry Date Fr 1: 1924 Date To 1: 1936
2: Roma B. Flint  Date Fr 2: 1936 Date To 2: 1946
3: Walter & Julia K. Vail Date Fr 3: 1946 Date To 3: 1948
4: Fred A. Dowd Family Date Fr 4: 1948 Date To 4: 1963
5: John & Anne Heisler  Date Fr 5: 1963 Date To 5: 1974
6: William J. & Barbara H. Ryan Date Fr 6: 1974 Date To 6: 1975
7: Rodger M. & Ellen M. Miller Date Fr 7: 1975 Date To 7: 1988
8: Antonie & Elizabeth P. Vissers Date Fr 8: 1988 Date To 8: 1991
9: Margaret M. & K. Scott Starks Date Fr 9: 1991 Date To 9: 2006
10: Elaine P. Grever Date Fr 10: 2006 Date To 10: 2015
11: Date Fr 11: Date To 11:
12: Date Fr 12: Date To: 12 (see deeds & William D. Hayes 2002 research in Terrace Park Historical Society house file)     1975


Story 1   At least by 1913 this became the LeBlond family summer home with property extending down the block and with an outdoor dance floor on the south side of the house. Friends came out from the city to swim in the river and to attend gala outdoor parties. Kindergarten classes were once held in the present garage (Ann and Peggy Gatch attended). River stone fireplace, beamed living room ceiling and screen porch.
Story 2   Miller scrapbooks (copy in house notebook) - 11/10/1956 - home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dowd. Article by Polly Cramer with interior photos. Middle aged white frame house was the summer home of a Cincinnati industrialist back in the days when Terrace Park was a riverside resort..
Story 3   We've been told it was the summer clubhouse of the Cincinnati Woman's Club. This may or may not be true. However, in 1921 owner Richard LeBlond sold it to the Cincinnati Business Woman Club. They owned it until 1924.
Story 4   Re owner 2 to owner 3: Real estate clipping says Acquired by Walter and Julia Vail from Roma B. Flint. Description at the time reads, Frame four-bedroom-and-two-bath dwelling... lot measurement is 150 by 300 feet. Sale by Robert Flandreau, an associate of the Robert J. Kramer Realty Co. Picture attached.(Roma B. Flint & Albert D. Flint listed this address as their residence in July 1940 when they signed the Initiative Petition for Terrace Park Recreation Club.)
Story 5   The Starks home was on the 1992 Sunday December 6 An Historic Walk Through Terrace Park TP Garden Club House Tour . Homes were open from 1-5 PM. Proceeds were used for village beautification.
Story 6   The Grever garden was on the TP Garden Club's 3 August 2010 Garden Walk.


Harold (Hop) LeBlond married Mary Stephenson Rita Fuller-(Maug Lillards mother and Rita Pictons grandmother who used to live in Terrace Park Elizabeth Balch, Richard LeBlond After the children were fully grown Loretto and RK built the Manor House (St Ursula Villa) in 1925 traveling all over the world to find items. Later in 1936 the LeBlonds built Cottage #19 at Harbor Point, Michigan, and traveled there by train. This information is from Rita Picton 513-231-8260 The Ryans sold the next door lot in 1975 which originally held the badminton court. This A frame house built in 1976 was renovated and is currently 615 Miami Avenue This information from Ellen Miller 513-321-2176 Changes by the Rodger Millers Ellen Miller 513-321-2176 In the 1970s Ellen and Rodger Miller air-conditioned the Cottage by sacrificing closet space for flexible ductwork. They updated the kitchen- these cabinets were relocated to the basement by the Grevers for Joes workbench. They added 3 feet to the front of the garage, added the dormer to the garage roof and updated the garage apartment. Driveway pavers were used to control the drainage as the street had risen almost a foot. They also updated the current master bath replacing the tub with a shower. They also painted the house white. (Before that it had been cream or green, as the Grevers found evidence of in their reconstruction..) The Scott Starks enclosed the porch and replaced the windows at the ends of the house. Major Players in the Grevers renovation of 609 Miami Avenue in 2006-2007 Laura Deal-Stankorb Historical House Architect Michaelson Homes - Marc Michaelson General Contractor Energytite Spray Foam Insulation Vince Bick Lowes Kitchen of Norwood Steve Smith Kitchen Designer Bromwells Fireplace Store, Kemper Design Tile Cincinnati Urban Landscaping- Rick Eckbert Tree removal Shawnee Tree Jeff Schoeny Tree Removal Smiths Camargo Landscape Steve Smith Renaissance Garden Ornament Gabe Rice 1939 Map: Flint

1942 Map: Flint

1951/3 Map: Fred A. Dowd

1959-60 Directories Fred A. & Kay Dowd

1962-63 Direct: Fred A. Dowd

1963-66 Directories: John & Anne Heisler

1967-68 Direct: & Mrs. Ruth R. Hardin

1973-74 Directories: '' '' (Sold 1974)

1975-76 Direct: William & Barbara Ryan (moved from 153 Wrenwood) (Sold 1975)

1978-84 Directories: Rodger & Ellen Miller (moved from 107 Red Bird)

1986 Directory: '' (moved to Hyde Park) (Rodger died 2007)

1988-91 Directories Antonie & Elizabeth Vissers

1992-2009 Directories Scott & Margaret Starks

2011-12 Direct: Joe & Lanie Grever (Grevers moved from 608 Yale) (Sold 2006)

2015 Directory: Grever, Joe and Lanie

2017 Directory: Grever, Joe and Lanie