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General Information

No:  411
Street:  Miami
Name:  Scallan House
Family:  SOLD
Historic Plaque:  2008
Owner Info:  Y
Built:  circa 1917
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley
Lot:  pt 153

Description:  2 story Traditional, siding (& stone from the river), gable roof (hip in back).
#Owners:  4F
Original Use:  Planned as a summer home
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  
Replace:  Enclosure of porch on the river side probably in the 1930s


Current Owner: Date Fr: 2016 Date To: 
Original: Elizabeth H. Scallan (summer home earlier than 1920) Date Fr: 1919 Date To: 
1: Mrs. Scallan until her death in 1976 (Estate sold) Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 1977
2: Harry Hake III Date Fr 2: 1977 Date To 2: 2002
3: Charles S. III & Susan B. Keffer Date Fr 3: 2002 Date To 3: 2007
4:  Deborah C. Reis Date Fr 4: 2007 Date To 4: 2016
5:     Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1   in Miller scrapbook (copy in house notebook) - home of Mrs. Joseph Scallan - Cincinnati Post 8/14/51 - exterior and interior photos and description - details. Planned as a summer home but decided to make it year around. Divided stair case is perhaps the most surprising feature -leads to the balcony running around the spacious living room. We've been told the Scallans owned this property during
Story 2   This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Elizabeth) Joseph Scallan was on the December 18, 1962 TP Garden Club House Tour, Noel dans le Parc. Advance tickets were $1 but $1.25 on the day and the homes were open from 1-4:30, maybe also in the evening as a tear off stub is missing from the ticket. The Community House on Elm Avenue was open for Decorations and probably Refreshments.
Story 3   The Sue and Stock Keffer home was on the 2005 Terrace Park Garden Club/Historical Society's Generation Renovation House Tour. Homes were open from 1-4 PM and tickets were $12.
Story 4   Elizabeth Wirthlan Scallan died September 20, 1976, aged 96 years. Is Robert Andrew Scallan part of this family? He died 21 October 1989, aged 77 years, buried Woodside Cemetery, Middletown OH.
Story 5   Judith S. Hake was born 4 August 1934 & died [aged 57 years] 15 April 1992, buried 16 April, 1992 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH, Vitt Stermer Funeral Home.
Story 6  

From an email from Phyllis McAllister at 407 Miami Avenue - When the McAllisters moved next door into 407 Mimai in 1972, Mrs. Scallan told them 411 Miami had been her family's summer home. They sold their home in Hyde Park and moved permanently to Terrace Park, probably beofre 1920.   At some time they sold off the property that became 407 Miami.  Mrs. Scallan always referred to 407 Miami as "the cottage" and it was probaly built as a summer cottage.  Mrs. Scallan was close friends with Deborah Boone Startsman who spent time with Kris Cryer and Ginny White when they were writing their book about Indian Hill.

Story 7  

The Hamilton County Auditor has 1922 as the building date for this house and 407 Miami, both of which are probalby wrong. Dot Rixey knew this house as a summer cottage. 1922 is problay the date when the house was made into a year 'round house rather than just a summer cottage.  It's difficult to date the building of these houses from the deeds since they are built on parts of a very large lot that has many houses on it.  It's hard to figure out what deeds for land go with which houses.  Phyllis McAllister says the Scallans owned this house during WWI.  Mrs. Scallan's son, Robert, lived in Indian Hill in 2008. 


1939 Map: Scallan

1942 Map: Joe Scallan

1951/3 Map: Mrs. Joseph Scallan

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1998-2001 Directories: Harry Hake III/Weech

2002-03 Direct: Charles & Susan Keffer (Sold 2002)

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