Old Version

General Information

No:  407 (sometimes listed as 417)
Street:  Miami
Name:  Jones House)
Family:  FOR SALE
Historic Plaque:  2008
Owner Info:  N
Built:  Y
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley
Lot:  pt 153

Description:  2 story Square, siding, very low hip roof.
#Owners:  8?
Original Use:  Summer house (Dot Rixey)
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  Y
Add To:  N
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:  1963 - John True enclosed the porch.


Current Owner: William Benson & Phyllis L. McAllister Date Fr: 1972 Date To: 
Original: Jones family Date Fr: 1917 Date To: 1932
1: Mary H. Finch Date Fr 1: 1932 Date To 1: 1942
2: Lewis H. & Ruth B. Rohrbaugh Date Fr 2: 1942 Date To 2: 1944
3: Thomas H. Jr. & Anna E. Wilson Date Fr 3: 1944 Date To 3: 1950
4: Stuart G. & Dorothy J. Cutler Date Fr 4: 1950 Date To 4: 1961
5: John E. & Elinor True  Date Fr 5: 1 961 Date To 5: 1965
6: Richard K. Mittenfdorf Date Fr 6: 1965 Date To 6: 1968
7: Martha Lee Ferguson (& Charles) Date Fr 7: 1968 Date To 7: 1972
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1   We believe the Jones family (Sarah E. Jones owner) built this house circa 1917. According to an Affidavit for transfer and record of real estate inherited dated February 9, 1921, Sarah E. Jones died intestate March 10, 1919, residing at Cincinnati OH. Inheritors of 1/4 each were: Spencer M. Jones, son, 44, Terrace Park OH; Rankin Jones Jr., son, 39, Cincinnati OH; Martha Jones, daughter, 48, Terrace Park OH; Abbie J. Vaughan, daughter, 49, New York City. Besides land in Terrace Park (C pt 153 80x120 Sibley & N pt 153 15x120) she owned land in Millcreek, Cincinnati OH.
Story 2  

According to an email from Phyllis McAllister there is an old changing room on the lowest level of their house. 

Story 3  

Concerning establishing a building date for this house in 2008: From Carol C. Cole to Phyllis McAllister - Lee and I have been working mnay hours on Lot 153 on a part of which your home is located.  We've come up with dates that make sense looking at the deeds for all those houses.  We believe your house was built in 1917.  The people with deeds earlier than that owned various bits of land all over Terrace Park and were no doubt owning land for investment purposes.  The Jones family is listed in this location in the 1920 US Cesuus so the house can't possibly be built in 1922 as the auditor has it.  The reason for trying to date the building of this house in 2008 was to make the McAllisters qualified to apply for a historic plaque, which they then bought. 


BEGINNING at the east line of Miami Avenue at a point 400 feet northwardly from the southwest corner of said Lot No 153, thence in an easterly direction parallel with the South line of said Lot No 153 and 400 feet there from, 120 feet more or less to the Little Miami River corner to said Youtsey Burden

1942 Map: Rohrbaugh

1951/3 Map: Dorhen or Droken, John

1959 Directory: Stuart & Dee Cutler

1960 Directory:

1963-66 Directories: John E. & Elinor Ellie True

1967-68 Direct: Richard & Shirley Mittendorf

1969-70 Direct: Charles & Lee Ferguson

1971-72 Direct:

1973-2012 Directories: Ben & Phyllis McAllister (Sold 1974)

1973-2017 Ben & Phyllis McAllister