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General Information

No:  313
Street:   Miami
Name:  gone - see 315 Miami
Family:  null
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  null
Built:  1911 before
Sec  23
Sub  null
Lot:  null
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

Description:  null
#Owners:  1
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  torn down

CHANGES - As Built:  null
Add To:  null
Sub From:  null
Replace:  null


Original: Gustav Worz Date Fr:  Date To: 
1:  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1:  1975


Story 1   Date Fr 1: Date To 1: 1975 Owner:
Story 2   1911-12 Directory of Miami opposite Rugby: Howard Worz (Luella) machinist
Story 3   Gus Worz probably acquired this property in or before 1915. He was the son of Martin Worz who arrived in New York from Germany about 1840. He carried a certificate of completion of the trade of tinsmith from Wurtenberg. In Melrose, New York, he married a German girl, Eloise Kummel, who died giving birth to his son, Joseph. He then went to Cincinnati and married Margretha Schrorey or Schorr, also a German. She was the mother of Gustav A. Worz (1856-1941). The exact year they came to the Milford area is not known. Martin Worz died in 1876 and his wife passed on in 1893. (from the book about Milford, Bridge to the Past, by the Milford Historical Society.) The Worz/Achor family home at 140 Wooster Pike was built by Gus Worz about 1889. The house burned down to the ground soon after it was built but Gus had it rebuilt exactly the same. Robert Achor's parents purchased the house from Gus in 1915. (The mortgage loan was recorded at the Milford Savings and Loan Company.) The house next door was owned by Gus' half brother, Joseph, a blacksmith (like his father) in Montauk It may have been at this time that Gus moved to 313 Miami. (Information from Robert L. Achor, great grandson of Martin Worz. There is much more information about the family from Robert Achor in the Worz file.)
Story 4   Howard M. Worz died 20 July 1945, buried in Section 17 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, George Monroe Funeral Home. Eva Worz was born in Linwood OH, 20 March 1853 and died 9 March 1885, aged 31 years. Gustav Worz died 29 April 1941, Monroe (Evans) Funeral Home. His wife, Helen E. Worz, was born 6 October 1882 and died 9 May 1968, aged 85 years, Craver Funeral Home. All three are buried in Section 9 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH.


1939 Map: Worz

1942 Map: Gus Worz

1951/3 Map: Gus Worz