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General Information

No:  103
Street:   Miami
Name:  null
Family:  Nichols
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  N
Built:   1951
Sec  23
Sub  Pattison & Iuen
Lot:  48 irreg
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  8
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:   1998 - Nancy Harvey renovated the kitchen (Palmer-Hoffmeier-Elliott, contractor). 2005 - permit for Tiara Properties to add & remodel - add 2 car garage & 2nd floor to existing house. Jane Yancey, Architect. Drackett-Harth, contractors.


Current Owner: Sloane & Edward R. Nichols Date Fr: 2015 Date To: 
Original: Terrace Park Country Club (land) Date Fr: 1923 Date To: 1933
1: Henry Hodges (land) Date Fr 1: 1933 Date To 1: 1940
2: Alvin Hodges (Alvin H. Hodges died Jan 18, 1965) Date Fr 2 1940 Date To 2: 1950
3: Mary C. & W. F. Schmidt Date Fr 3: 1950 Date To 3: 1959
4: John L. & Lucy C. Walton Date Fr 4: 1959 Date To 4: 1975
5: Stephen & Phyllis Behringer Date Fr 5: 1975 Date To 5: 1976
6: Tomas & Barbara Bettcher Date Fr 6: 1976 Date To 6: 1977
7: Nancy L. Harvey Date Fr 7: 1977 Date To 7: 1999
8: Diamond D. Investments Inc./Tiara Properties Date Fr 8: 1999 Date To 8: 2006
9: Henry P. & Linda P. Brightwell Date Fr 9: 2006 Date To 9: 2015
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
: Terrace Park Country Club land in 1925  Date Fr:  Date To:  1975


Story 1   The Terrace Park Country Club was formed in 1900 and incorporated in 1910. A man named Will Irwin) had gone to Scotland in 1898 and returned enamored with the game of golf and with a few golf clubs.(see 329 Rugby lots owned in 1925) He and his friends started to play on the vacant lots and between the houses in the village of Terrace Park. After the incorporation of the Club land adjacent to the Little Miami River (between 101 and 313) was purchased for the original 6 hole golf course. In 1927 increased interest in golf encouraged the acquisition in 1928 of additional acreage for 3 more holes going across Red Bird Creek, between houses on Sycamore and behind the Worz/Achor home at 140 Wooster Pike.(When the golf course moved across Red Bird Creek in 1928, the number 3 hole was parallel to the family's vegetable garden. 8 year old Robert Achor retrieved golf balls and sold them back to the golfers. He got to know the names of several of them. There was a Mr. Arthr Ibold of the Ibold Cigar family in Cincinnati: Mr. Kruse who was Ferd Critchell Sr's father-in-law (611 Yale and 616 Yale); Radcliffe who was sports writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer (or was it the Times Star? Pat Fehl) and lived at 723 Floral.) After a search of several years, in 1931 FerdCritchell, Sr. and others acquired the Woodward Farm and moved the golf course across the river. They sold the old Club property to Henry Hodges who lived in Milford at the Promont House, now the home of the Milford Historical Society. Hodges paid them $37,000 for the property, $17,000 down and $20,000 mortgage. (Information from Robert L. Achor, grandson of Gus Worz [see 313 Miami] and the Milford Historical Society)
Story 2   Lucy C. Walton was born 24 December 1884 and died 16 April 1970, aged 85 years, buried in Section 2 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Craver Funeral Home. Another source says it was April 15th.


1959 Directory: William Frank & Mary C. Schmidt (on 1953 list)


1962-70 Directories: (info from Helen Campbell)

1971-72 Direct: Jack W. & Carolyn Mayo (rental)

1973-74 Direct: Mrs. Pat Lahke (rental) (sister of Helen Campbell)

1975-76 Direct:

1978 Directory: Nancy Lenz

1980-97 Directories: Nancy Lenz Harvey

1998-99 Direct: (Sold 1999)

2000-01 Direct: Linda Kanter/Alison Wenstrup (daughter of Linda) (renters)

2002-03 Direct: -----

2004-05 Direct: Nick Luley, Robert Parish, Gerri Wayland (renters?)

2006-07 Direct: Nick Luley, Robert Parish, Gerri Wayland (renters?) (Sold 2006)

2008-12 Directories: Henry & Linda Brightwell

2015-2017 Directory: Nichols, Ed and Sloane