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509 Marietta Avenue

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General Information

No:   509  
Street:   Marietta  
Name:   (A Railroad House)  
Family:   Weigel  
Historic Plaque:   2008  
Owner Info:   N  
Built:   circa 1890  
Sec:   23  
Subdivision:   J. W. Sibley  
Lot:   1-4  

Description:   2 story Victorian, siding, gable roof. After Roberts' renovation: Large home with covered porch, entry, living room, dining room, solarium, kitchen, breakfast room, utility room, family room, bath and library on the first floor. The second floor has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. On the lower level there is a recreation room, storage room and workshop.  
Owners:   10?  
Original Use:   Residential - 2 familyat times)  
Current Use:   Residential (1 family)  

As Built:   N  
Added To:   Y  
Subtracted From:   Y  
Replaced:   N  

Description Of Changes:   This house has had so much remodeling that's it hard to recognize it as a Railroad House, which Stella Galloway Boone says it was. (Railroad houses were built in the 1890s from blueprints sold by a Cincinnati architect for $25. All are in Sibley subdivisions.) 1910-13 & 1953 remodeling? Changed from a 2 family (507 & 509) to a 1 family home (509). There have been many additions and subtractions including those documented by the Roberts in 1985 and 1990. Their 2nd addition enlarged the house by approximately 50%. After the Roberts' renovations, in 1996 the house had over 5,000 square feet of living space. They used Architects Plus and their builder was Heffner Homes (see more information in file). The old garage was destroyed and a new 3 car one built. 2000-20001 Weigels made extensive alterations inside including taking out some walls and making the kitchen bigger and more useable - expanded kitchen into deck area. Architects Plus & Ryan Remodeling.  


Current Owner: W. Breck & Melinda S. Weigel Date Fr: 1996 Date Toc: 
Original: (see deeds for early owners) Date Fr:  Date To: 
1: Edwin & Eleanor Koch Berens Date Fr 1: 1924 Date To 1: 1937
2: Central Trust Co. Date Fr 3: 1935 Date To 3: 1941
3: Dallas Stringfield Date Fr 4: 1941 Date To 4: 1949
4: Francis J. & Josephine Zeman (Bemand?) Date Fr 5:1949 Date To 5:1951
5: Richard M. & Mary L. Oster   Date Fr 5: 1951 Date To 5: 1957
6: Forest & Margaret Tiffany Date Fr 6: 1957 Date To 6: 1959
7: Charles G. & Ruth H. Reiter Date Fr 7: 1959 Date To 7: 1966
8: Donald F. & Nora  M. Frei Date Fr 8: 1966 Date To 8: 1972
9: Robert S. "Bob" & Gail  C. Morrison Date Fr 9: 1972 Date To 9: 1985
10: John M. V. & Susan Roberts Date Fr 10: 1985 Date To 10: 1996
11:  Date Fr 11:  Date To 11:  1975


Story 1: Looking at the deeds one sees that J. W. Sibley sold to Van Deren B. Duvall in 1890. Duvall sold to Wilhelmina Reinhart in 1911. She sold to Emma F. Eames in 1916. Eames to Irene Wingfield in 1918. Wingfield back to Eames in 1919. Emma F. Eames to Howard D. & Sarah F. Thomas in 1919. Thomas to Berens in 1924. Thus the 1890 building date seems most likely.

Story 2: Auditor's site gives 1910 as the building date.

Story 3: In the 1900 Census Charles V. McChesney with his family is listed as living on Marietta but where? The only 3 houses built on Marietta at that time were 203, the West house, 509 and perhaps the predecessor to 308. It seems likely that he may have been renting part of 509 Marietta if it was a 2 family home at that time. It's not known when this house was a 2 family home. Later he owned and lived at408 Marietta but it had not been built in 1900.

Story 4: Miller scrapbooks - Feb. 1, 1955, Cincinnati Post article by Polly Cramer - Richard Oster's recently remodeled house with interior and exterior photos.

Story 5: Several people remember living here when it was a 2 family house: Frances (nee Thomas) Marsh of 300 Amherst, the Robinsons before building their 403-1 Stanton home and John Rockaway as a small child until their house at 823 Yale was built.

Story 6: The original Startsman family came to Terrace Park from Winton Terrace (Winton Place Village according to the 1900 census). Those who came included Daniel H., Beatrice E., Guy, Bessie M. and their father, William Glenny Startsman. This was soon after the mother (Nellie) had died. Between the time they came and the 1910 Census the father also died (May 12, 1908). Daniel is at 223 Rugby in 1920 & 1930. Guy is at 213 Cambridge in 1920 and at 307 Oxford in 1930. (More information in Startsman notebook)

Story 7: This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Gail) Robert Morrison was on the 1980 December 7 Christmas in the Park TP Garden Club House Tour. It was a Sunday, homes were open from 3-7 PM and advance tickets were $2.50, $3 on the day. Proceeds were used for beautification of the village.

Story 8: In 2000 when the Weigels were removing some insides of the house they discovered quite a lot of charred wood indicating that at some time there had been a bad fire in the house which had just been built over.Ken Weiss, a builder who at one time did some work on the house, also recalls seeing charred wood.

Story 9: Pat Fehl reports going with Tommy Proctor to Mrs. Berens' Kindergarten here in the 1930s. This was before Toni Sommers had her Nursery School at 308 Marietta.

Story 10: April 1996 real estate ad (Ogle Annett) - Additions have maintained the architectural integrity of this stunning 1880s home. 5BRs, private terrace & garden

Story 11: The Tiffany family lived in this one family house from 1957-1959. There were 3 children: Gretchen, who attended Mariemont High School, Joseph, who attended Terrace Park Elementary School and Beverly, who was too young for school. Both the dining room and the bedroom above were octagonal. The home was on the House Tour during the time the family lived there. (Information from Gretchen Tiffany Hensel who married Warren Hensel, Mariemont High School 1960. In 2003 they live on Indian Hill.)

Story 12: Information from Father Cyprian Berens in 2005: family moved to Hyde Park at that time.

Story 13: Breck Weigel's father, William Frederick Weigel, was born 26 September 1923 and died 13 July 1990, aged 67 years. His mother, Frances Perry Weigel, was born 13 March 1931 and died 23 July 2008, aged 77 years. They are both buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 9, Niche 253.

Story 14: Vivian Kreuger (nee Garrison) remembers Susan Oster living here. She thinks it was a 1 family home at that time.


1939 Map: Weiskopf (moved to 309 Stanton) & Rockaway

1942 Map: Stringfield & Johansen (at least half was 507 Marietta)

1951/3 Map: F. J. Zeman & Mrs. Elizabeth Haskins (at least half was 507 Marietta)

1959 Directory: Forest & Margaret Tiffany

1960-64 Directories: Charles & Ruth Reiter

1965-66 Direct:

1967-70 Directories: Donald & Nora Frei

1971-72 Direct:

1973-82 Directories: Bob & Gail Morrison

1984 Directory: ---- (Sold 1985)

1986-93 Directories: John & Susan Roberts

1994-95 Direct:

1996 Minor, Amy TR

1996-97 Direct: ---- (Weigel - moved from 812 Yale)

1998-2019 Directories: Breck & Mindy Weigel