Old Version

General Information

No:  618
Street:   Home
Name:  null
Family:  Early
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  N
Built:   1961
Sec  23
Sub  C. R. Stuntz's Terrace Park
Lot:  2, 3, pt 4
Architect:  Steinkamp & Nordloh
Cont/Build:  Irwin Barber

#Owners:  4F
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N

Changes Description:   1967 - added a 20' x 13' 11 screen porch to the rear of the house (Oliver Cutler, contractor).


Current Owner: Steven Sanford Early Jr. Date Fr: 2005 Date To: 
Original: H. W. "Bill" & June Easley Date Fr: 1961 Date To: 1967
1: Robert "Bob" & Marilyn Ranseen  Date Fr 1: 1967 Date To 1: 1977
2: J. T. "Tom "& Sarah D. Resor  Date Fr 2: 1977 Date To 2: 1980
3: Roger & Mary Louise Early  Date Fr 3: 1980 Date To 3: 1996
4: Roger Early Date Fr 4: 1996 Date To 4: 2005
5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1   Built on land sold off of 614 Home by Janet Semple.
Story 2   Robert Eugene Ranseen was born 29 November 1926 and died outside Atlanta GA 5 June 1999, aged 72 years, buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 5, Niche 138. Marilyn Ranseen died 2015.
Story 3   Roger and Mary Louise (nee Sanford) Early had two children: Ellen Speidel Johnson and Steve S. Early Sr. (125 Winding Brook). Ellen's first husband was Capt. John Speidel, son of Louis Speidel of Speidel's Garden Center on Rt. 28 in Milford. They both grew up in Milford and graduated from Milford High School. There's an article at TPHS about Capt. John Speidel's rescue in Vietnam of Marvin Duren and Speidel's subsequent death. From 1977-81 Ellen owned 314 Rugby. Later she moved to North Carolina and is married to Randy Johnson, also a Milford High School graduate.
Story 4   Mary Louise Early was born 15 February 1918 and died 2 November 1995, aged 77 years, Craver-Hookom Funeral Home. Roger Early was born 15 October 1916 and died 29 December 2003, aged 87 years, Craver-Riggs Funeral Home. They are both buried in Section 4 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH.
Story 5   Roger and Mary Louise Early's grandson lived there with Roger when he became ill and stayed after his grandfather's death. When the Corner Barbershop building burned in Milford young Steve Early salvaged stones from an old well underneath the building and is using them to build a wall around a garden outside the porch.


1962-63 Direct: Bill & June Easley

1963-76 Direct: Robert Bob & Marilyn Ranseen

1978 Directory: J. T. & Sarah Resor Jr.

1980-2003 Directories: Roger & Mary Louise Early

2004-05 Direct: Mrs. Roger (Mary Louise) Early (Sold 2005)

2006-012 Directories: Steve Early

2015 Directory: "Early, Jr." and Steve

2017 Directory: "Early, Jr." and Steven