Old Version

General Information

No:  319-1
Street:   Harvard
Name:  null
Family:  null
Historic Plaque:  null
Owner Info:  N
Built:   1948/50
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot:  129 & 130
Architect:  null
Cont/Build:  null

#Owners:  null
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  torn down & replaced by 319-2

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  Y


Current Owner:  Date Fr: Date To: 
Original(?): Ross E. & A. Hawthorne Date Fr: 1946 Date To: 1949
1: Elmer C. Horton & other family members Date Fr 1: 1949 Date To 1: 1951
2: Martin L. Holman Date Fr 2: 1951 Date To 2: 1952
3: Roy E. & P. B. Douglas Date Fr 3: 1952 Date To 3: 1953
4: Clyde E. Davison (later & G. I.) Date Fr 4: 1953 Date To 4: 1959
5: Gerald C. & Jacqueline L. Huth Date Fr 5: 1959 Date To 5: 1960
6: Peggy S. & H. F. Upton Date Fr 6: 1960 Date To 6: 1968
7:  W. N. Pfeiffer Date Fr 7: 1968 Date To 7: 1970
8: Clyde & Dorelle Mahon Date Fr 8: 1970 Date To 8: 1973
9: Geraldine M. Yelton Date Fr 9: 1973 Date To 9: 1984
10: Edward A. & Mary E. Buban Date Fr 10: 1984 Date To 10: 1990
11: Park Construction Date Fr 11: 1990 Date To 11: 
12:  Date Fr 12:  Date To 12:  1975


Story 1   The Harry Upton family lived here in the early 1960s but they do not appear in either the 1962-63 or 1963-4 Telephone Directory. They evidently bought from the Huth family. They had a daughter Elsie who had a birthday party attended by Mary Tarkington and perhaps Susie Konald both of whom also lived on Harvard. Harry worked at P&G and was in a car pool with Leslie Jones (Western & Southern). He drove a VW beetle. Mary Tarkington describes 319 Harvard as a tiny house on a big lot.
Story 2   Doug Channer (son of Jack & Susan) responded to our web page invitation to add information. He moved to 319 Harvard with his parents when he was in Mrs. Gallagher's 2nd grade and feels very fortunate to have been able to grow up in Terrace Park. He remembers 319 as a cozy house which had a wonderful side yard. His two younger sisters were born there. Doug says both his parents reported having seen a ghost in the house and it always did the same thing. It would walk from the little living room and stand at the end of the bed for a minute or so and then vanish. I wonder if the ghost is ever seen in the replacement house? I now know the answer is yes. A man has appeared at night by the bed 9 times and then disappeared.
Story 3   The Buban family lived at this address for several years, until 1990. At that time the house on that lot was a 3-bedroom ranch. It would be fun to report supernatural goings-on, but alas, we can't - it was pretty quiet around there.
Story 4   An earlier story from Pat Fehl: Before there were houses built at 319, 323 & 327 Harvard a lady living on Park used to bring her cow over every day to graze. Ruth Clayton has identified the owner of the cow as Mrs. Rose Saap of 727 Park.


1951/3 Map: house but no name

1959 Directory: Edward & Hap Davison (moved to 114 Marian) (from 1954?)

1960 Directory: Gerald & Jacqueline Huth

1965-66 Direct: Jack & Susan Channer (moved to 323 Harvard)

1967-68 Direct: Robert & Denise Grenell

1969-70 Direct: Mrs. Nita Pfeiffer (moved from 101 Red Bird) (Nita died June 15, 1970)

1971-74 Directories: Clyde & Dorelle Mahon

1975-76 Direct: Pearl O. Bodey

1978-82 Directories: Geraldine M. Yelton

1984 Directory: ---- (Sold 1984)

1986 Directory: Edward A. & Mary Eileen Buban

1988 Directory: '' (moved to 323 Harvard)

1990-91 Direct: ---- (Sold 2 times in 1990) torn down and 319-2 built