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5650 Given Road


General Information

No:   5650  
Street:    Given Road   
Name:   Fresh Air Farm  
Family:   N/A  
Historic Plaque:   null  
Owner Info:   N  
Sec:   23  
Subdivision:   Columbia  
Lot:   null  
Architect:   5  
Cont/build:   null  

Owners:   null  
Original Use:   Residential  
Current Use:   Stepping Stones Center  

As Built:   N  
Added To:   Y  
Subtracted From:   N  
Replaced:   N  

Description Of Changes:     


Current Owner: ***null
OriginalCurr Date Fr: ***null
Curr Date To: ***null
Original Owner: ***Conkling Family members
Date Fr: ***1855
Date To: ***1879
Owner 1:***William L. Spooner then E. D. & Nora W.
Date Fr 1:***1879
Date To 1:***1897
Owner 2:***Thomas J. Emery
Date Fr 2:***1897
Date To 2:***1898
Owner 3:***Fresh Air & Convalescent Aid Society
Date Fr 3:***1898
Owner 4:***Stepping Stones Center


Story 1: September 2011 - Promont in Milford evidently has and is putting on display a crazy quilt that was done in 1888-9 by the Beech Hurst Reading Circle that met at Mrs. Spooners at that time. In 1894 that group became the Milford Progress Club.