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716 Floral Avenue

Old Version

General Information

No:   716  
Street:   Floral  
Name:   Fannie R. Bellville House  
Family:   Motto  
Historic Plaque:   2008  
Owner Info:   N  
Built:   1892/1923  
Sec:   22/3  
Subdivision:   J. W. Sibley 2nd TP BL3  
Lot:   43 thru 47 pt 42  

Description:   Originally a Railroad House, very similar the 710 next door. Remodeled (mostly taken down and rebuilt) to its present Greek Revival style in 1923. Now a 2 1/2 story Greek Revival home, siding, gable with 3 front dormers.  
Owners:   6?  
Original Use:   Residential  
Current Use:   Residential  

As Built:   N  
Added To:   Y  
Subtracted From:   Y  
Replaced:   Style totally changed in 1923 (see Description). 2008 - permit to Todd Motto for an addition and remodel (Architects Plus, Michaelson Homes, contractor).  

Description Of Changes:     


Current Owner: Todd William & Tracy Draia Motto Date Fr: 2005 Date To: 
Original: James W. Sibley Date Fr:  Date To: 1890
1: Ellen E. Bellville (1st resident) (see deeds) Date Fr 1: 1890 Date To 1: 
2: Other Bellville family members Date Fr 2:  Date To 2:
3: Linda H. Beaman & R. J. (to Central Building & Loan Co. in 1930) Date Fr 3: 1919 Date To 3: 1930
4: Helen C. Sorensen Date Fr 4: 1930 Date To 4: 1941
5: Letha Greene Date Fr 5: 1941 Date To 5: 1946
6: Sophia S. Parker Date Fr 6: 1946&9 Date To 6: 1967
7: Claudette F. Graumlich Tr. Date Fr 7: 1967 Date To 7: 2005
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1: 3 possible dates of building 1892, 1900 (Hamilton Co Auditor), 1904. I believe the 1892 date is correct because the house was occupied by a Bellville family (Fannie R. Bellville) in the 1900 Census. The deeds also show a mortgage in 1891 ready to build a house, finished in 1892.

Story 2: It looks as if it must have been Linda H. Beaman and her husband who totally remodeled this home and then lost it after the stock market crash and into the Depression.

Story 3: Home owned (1941-46) by the Greene family, owners of the Delta Queen, Greene Line Steamers. Tom & Letha Greene.

Story 4: Jim & Soap Parker III bought the Great House at 716 Floral in early spring 1946. There they raised Jim IV Jake (b. 1942) & Bill (b. 1945). Does anyone know who gave the house this nickname?

Story 5: 1969 scrapbook - interior and exterior photos.

Story 6: Frederick T. Graumlich was born in Toledo, Lucas OH 27 Sep 1931 and died in Cincinnati, Hamilton OH 8 Jun 2000.

Story 7: This house and garden were featured several times during the time Claudette and Fred Graumlich owned it.

Story 8: This house is on the 17 October 2010 T P Historical Society House Tour, The White House Tour.


Tracy and Todd Motto, 716 Floral Avenue. Nicknamed The Great House by an early owner, this home was built in 1892 as a railroad house but restyled with Greek Revival features in 1923. The Greene Family, who owned the Delta Queen riverboat, once resided here. Its current owners have restored it to a home fitting of its ages-old nickname. This house has been painted white inside and out for a striking decorative finish. 1939 Map: Sorenson

1942 Map: Tom Greene

1951/3 Map: James B. Parker Jr.

1959-66 Directories: Jim & Sophia Soap Parker & Mrs. D. F. O'Grady

1967-68 Direct: '' (moved to 701 Yale) & Fred & Claudette Graumlich

1969-2003 Directories: Fred & Claudette Graumlich

2004-05 Direct: Mrs. Fred (Claudette) Graumlich (Sold 2005)

2006-19 Directories: Motto, Todd & Tracey