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710 Floral Avenue

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General Information

No:   710  
Street:   Floral  
Name:   James E. Bellville House  
Family:   Koehler  
Historic Plaque:   2008  
Owner Info:   N  
Built:   1892  
Sec:   23  
Subdivision:   J. W. Sibley 2nd TP BL3  
Lot:   35-41 pt 42  

Description:   Railroad houses were built in the 1890s from blueprints sold by a Cincinnati architect for $25. All are in Sibley subdivisions.See 716 Floral Avenue for more building date explanation.2 1/2 story Victorian, siding, gable roof.  
Owners:   7  
Original Use:   Residential  
Current Use:   Residential  

As Built:   N  
Added To:   Y  
Subtracted From:   N  
Replaced:   N  

Description Of Changes:   2003 - add garage. Architects +. (Koehler)  


Current Owner: Sandra T. Koehler Date Fr: 1983 Date To: 
Original: J. W. Sibley to James E. Bellville Date Fr: 1890 Date To: 1912
1: Frances Weatherhead Gerard Date Fr 1: 1912 Date To 1: 1929
2: John M. Jr. & M. F. Sizelove Date Fr.2: 1929 Date To 2: 1931
3: Frances W. Gerard (by sheriff to) Date Fr 3: 1931 Date To 3: 1942
4: Milford Building & Loan Date Fr 4: 1942 Date To 4: 1942
5: Vera S. Hussey Date Fr 5: 1942 Date To 5: 1958
6: Sarah D. Resor (& Joseph T.) Date Fr 6: 1958 Date To 6: 1970
7: Beverly Meyers Date Fr 7: 1970 Date To 7: 1983
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1: 1909 Williams' Hamilton County Directory lists James E. Bellville (Luella) as a postal clerk. Other Bellvilles listed on Floral are Jas. B. & Rebecca F. Is Rebecca a book keeper (b. k)?

Story 2: Other Bellville family information. James E. Bellville is the son (???) of James B. Bellville in Anderson township. Look for James B. in the census.

Story 3: From p. 33/4 of A Place Called Terrace Park - Assuming that perhaps James E. Bellville went by Ed since there was more than one James Bellville - Mrs. Ed Bellville having to take a broom to rout one foraging [Elephent] in the Bellville haymow. (or this may have been next door at 716 Floral)

Story 4: Frances Weatherhead Gerard lived in this house in the 1930s. She was the grandmother of Mary Gerard Cone (222 Oxford) & Nancy Gerard Ricketts (722 Park & 749 Wooster). Their father, Stephen Gerard, who had tuberculosis, lived there with her for a while. Frances Gerard died in 1978.

Story 5: The Gerard family rented a house in Milford in the 1910 census very near the Cornish and Corwin families. The father, Turpin, was the manager of a cigar store.


1939 Map: Gerard

1942 Map: Arthur Hussey (shown as 714 Floral)

1951/3 Map: Arthur Hussey (shown as 714 Floral)

195-66 Directories: Joseph T. and Sarah Resor Jr.

1967-70 Directories: Tom & Sarah Resor

1971-82 Directories: David & Beverly Meyers (1970 from Lancaster PA)

1984 Directory: (moved to Walnut Hills)

1986-2019 Directory: Koehler, Frederick G. Rick Jr. & Sandy (moved from 814 Myrtle)