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600 Floral Avenue

Old Version

General Information

No:   600  
Street:   Floral  
Name:   null  
Family:   Hansen  
Historic Plaque:   null  
Owner Info:   Y  
Built:   1921/4  
Sec:   23  
Subdivision:   Sibley  
Lot:   18-19  
Architect:   Sears?  
Cont/build:   null  

Owners:   6  
Original Use:   Summer home.  
Current Use:   Residential  

As Built:   N  
Added To:   Y  
Subtracted From:   N  
Replaced:   N  

Description Of Changes:   1979 - Roy Vehr added a family room (Richard Ward, architect; James Rogers, contractor). 2000 - permits for Sue & Tim Reeder to put on an addition, remodel and build a utility shed. Drackett & Harth contractors. Jane Yancey architect. Renovation included 3 bedrooms, w 3 baths, 2 main level & 1 lower, eat in kitchen, living & dining room and screened in porch that can easily be enclosed if you wish. Mature & carefree gardens on a large corner lot, a garden shed and stone terrace.  


Current Owner: Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original: Ella W. Clarke (& Walter Clark) Date Fr: 1923 Date To: 1945
1: Pearl W. Zoeller Date Fr 1: 1945 Date To 1: 1960
2: Helen & Ruth Kramer (daughters of Joseph) Date Fr 2: 1960 Date To 2: 1969
3: Steven J. & Sandy Nordloh Date Fr 3: 1969 Date To 3: 1972
4: Roy K. Vehr Date Fr 4: 1972 Date To 4: 2000
5:  Timothy A. & Suzanne L. Reeder Date Fr 5: 2000 Date To 5: 2012
6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10:  1975


Story 1: The house was the summer home of Walter Clark and his wife who lived in Hyde Park. When he retired he made the house their permanent home. Eventually they moved to Florida. He was the calligrapher for St. Thomas Church.

Story 2: The walnut tree in the side yard is well over 100 years old. Mr. Sommers, who lived in the Park (corner of Marietta and Yale), said he played beneath it when he was a boy. When he told me (Vehr), he was 90 years old.

Story 3: Pearl Zoeller died March 23, 1976.

600 Floral Ave.  I am fairly certain this is a Sears Springwood model, but I have not been able to document it through on line resources.  The Springwood was only offered for a few years in the Modern Home catalogs, so having one in Terrace Park would be a great addition to your Sears Home inventory.   There are photos of the house on Realtor.com from an old listing, and it seems to be a great match to the design.  I am hoping you might be able to contact the owner for additional information.  The house is missing the decorative details over the front porch, but that is to be expected after 100 years!  Also porches have been enclosed and there appears to be an addition added at some point.  You can see the little breakfast alcove bump out in one of the Realtor photos. (Sent from Cindy Catanzaro)


1939 Map: Clark

1942 Map: Walter Clark

1951/3 Map: Mrs. Pearl W. Zoeller

1959-60 Directories: Mrs. Pearl W. Zoeller

1962-68 Directories: Joseph & Caroline Kramer (moved from 711 Yale)

1969-72 Directories: Steve & Sandy Nordloh

1973-80 Directories: Roy Vehr (moved from Montgomery)

1982-84 Directories: ----

1986-97 Directories: Roy K. Vehr

1998-99 Directory: (Sold 1999)

2000-01 Directory: Tim & Suzanne Reeder

2002-12 Directories: Tim & Sue Reeder

2015 Directory: Hansen, Kai and Patty Roswick

2015 Directory: Roswick, Patty and Kai Hansen

2017-19 Directories: Hansen, Kai and Patty