General Information

No:  707
Street:  Elm
Name:  The Fenton House (earlier known as the Errett House)
Historic Plaque:  N
Owner Info:  N
Built:  1869c
Sub  Thomas R. Biggs Est.
Lot:  1

Description:  Fenton House. 2 story Italianate Victorian, siding, flat roof. One of two identical houses (probably not built for daughters, see Story 3). Other house is Gravelotte. The peonies along the walk to the house were peony officionalis and they were there longer than the house.
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  torn down

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  School Playground

Changes Description:  1927 - remodeled and indoor plumbing put in (probably done by Charley Cornish). Land now used for Terrace Park School playground.


Current Owner: ***null
OriginalCurr Date Fr: ***null
Curr Date To: ***null
Original Owner: ***null
Date Fr: ***null
Date To: ***null
Owner Info:***N
Current Owner:***No longer stands.


Story 1   1956 Terrace Park School Year Book - the Fenton House was used for noontime recreation most of the year (clubs, ping pong, card games, records etc.) which relieved the previous congestion of the school halls. In April it was closed for recreation and became a temporary cafeteria.
Story 2   According to a History of Terrace Park written by Mrs. Breiling in 1919 for the Terrace Park Woman's Club, this was one of only 4 houses standing east of the railroad before 1886.
Story 3   Probably the earliest Errett house. 1891 residents: Francis, Harriet (widow probably of Isaac), Jane, Russell (editor) Errett. 1897 resident: Russell (editor). 1911-12 Directory: Russell Errett - publisher (Augusta C.), Russell Jr., Harriet M. Errett - editor, Malcolm Errett. Also lists William T. Norwald (probably Narwold, his signature in the Literary and Social Club of Terrace Park, 1903) at the corner of Elm and Marietta. According to John R. Holloway, an Errett descendant, this house was originally smaller and the home of Isaac Errett. After his death Russell Errett moved in and greatly expanded the home so that it looked much like Gravelotte still standing across the street. According to Mary Jane Schmuelling, also an Errett relative, the 2 houses, 707 & 720 Elm, were just built by the same builder, obviously using the same plans. Isaac Errett was born in New York City, 2 January 1820, son of Henry Errett. At 20 years he married Harriet Reeder. He died at his home in Terrace Park OH, 19 December 1888. (More about Isaac and his work in the Church of Christ and its publication, Christian Standard in the Terrace Park Historical Society's People File.
Story 4   H. B. Fenton was Mayor of Terrace Park 1938-43. He was connected with Fenton cleaners. Son Bill figured he'd inherit so didn't push himself. He had an Ohio River pilot's license and was one of those the Greenes sent to California to bring the Delta Queen here from Sacramento. West Coast maritime unions wouldn't let Ohioans handle it. (from Ellis Rawnsley)
Story 5   The old house was burned to make way for the school addition (1950s), with several fire departments taking a hand under the direction of the state fire marshal. It was the time when the indirect method of fire fighting was coming in so it was good drill for all of us and an amazing demonstration, with fierce room fires being knocked down in seconds with minimum water use. We used to say more water was used making coffee than putting out the fire. (from Ellis Rawnsley)


1939 Map: Fenton

1942 Map: H. B. Fenton

1951/3 Map: H. B. Fenton (bought & moved to 726 Franklin in 1955)