General Information

No:  625
Street:  Elm
Name:  Chauncey Stuntz House
Family:  Spang
Historic Plaque:  2008
Owner Info:  Y
Built:  circa 1868
Sec  23
Sub  C. R. Stuntz TP (Columbia Township)
Lot:  Pt 1 (lot 6 of Camden plat)

Description:  Three story frame Victorian farmhouse, truncated hip with gables, slate & metal. One of the oldest residences in Terrace Park. The house had iron railings at the top of the house to hold extra rain water(???). There were 2 brick cisterns. The carriage house was converted to a home (622 Myrtle).
#Owners:  8F
Original Use:  Residential
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  Y
Replace:  N

Changes Description:  1868 Early 1920s (it was there in 1925) - small front porch added. 1977/8 - aluminum siding (Frank Gilligan). 1988 - gazebo in back yard. 1995 - 1930s porch removed by Smiths and porch across entire front of house added. 1996 - Extensive remodeling inside - kitchen and master bedroom.


Current Owner: Todd M. & Tricia M. Spang Date Fr: 2016 Date To: 
Original: Abraham & Alice Brower (land only) Date Fr:  Date To: 1868
1: Chauncey R. Stuntz (moved from Milford) Date Fr 1: 1868 Date To 1: 1894
2: Eliza Stuntz (80 yrs old in 1914) Date Fr 2: 1894 Date To 2: 1919
3: Edgar P. Mundy (Story 7) Date Fr 3: 1919 Date To 3: 1940
4: Casper  & Marguerite R. Wickemeyer Date Fr 4: 1940 Date To 4: 1941
5: Raymond & Evelyn J. Kotte Date Fr 5: 1941 Date To 5: 1945
6: Dr. Adam P. & Mattie Basinger Date Fr 6: 1945 Date To 6: 1959
7: Howard, Beatrice & Maurine Basinger  Date Fr 7: 1959 Date To 7: 1959
8: Richard L & Ann R. Barnhardt Date Fr 8: 1959 Date To 8: 1964
9: Charles H. Jr. & Nancy M. Gerhardt (Gilligan) Date Fr 9: 1964 Date To 9: 
10: Nancy & Frank Gilligan Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 1979
11:  John J. "Jack" & Barbara H. Smith Date Fr 11: 1979 Date To 11: 2016
12: Date Fr 12: Date To 12: 1958
: Adam P. & Mattie L. Basinger.  Pt. Lot 1 C. R. Stuntz.     (Beatrice Basinger also lives here & owns Lots 8 & 10 on Baysore [Red Bird] Lane) 1975


Story 1   Chauncey Stuntz owned c. 17 acres (included what is now Home St., Myrtle to Marietta & Marietta to Elm). He was a teacher and commuted to his job (teaching at Woodward High School until his death in 1895) in downtown Cincinnati by railroad. In 1892 Stuntz subdivided his acreage into building lots to help fight off annexation efforts. His subdivision included Myrtle and Floral Avenues and was bounded by Home Street and Marietta Avenue. His house was in the center of Lot 1, the largest lot in the subdivision. The anti-annexation efforts succeeded and Terrace Park was incorporated as a village in 1893. After his death, his wife Eliza with two of her sons remained in the house until c.1905. Many of the lots were then sold but most were not built on until 1920-60. (Chauncy Stunz's great grand daughter, Jane Hern, lived in Milford until her death in 2003.)
Story 2   See article (Requires Adobe Reader) This is an article with a few pictures about Chauncey Stuntz, written by two of his descendants, Thomas Hern and Patricia Stavovy. It's well worth reading!
Story 3   1870 census: residents of 625 Elm were Chauncey & Eliza M. Houck Stuntz, 4 children and Eliza's father, Daniel. 1880 census: Chauncey & Eliza with 8 children, Eliza's father (farm laborer) and brother (railroad clerk). 1885 Cincinnati City Directory shows Chauncey living here along with his son, George R, as correspondent, Jos. R. Peebles' Sons. 1891 residents: Chauncey & Fannie Stuntz - teachers. 1897 residents: Eliza (widow of Chauncey), Frank, and Harry (clerk).
Story 4   According to a Breiling Terrace Park history report for the Terrace Park Woman's Club, this was one of only 4 houses standing east of the railroad before 1886. More information about Chauncey Stuntz and 625 Elm at the T P Historical Society.
Story 5   1885 Stuntz Subdivision. C. R. Stuntz & Eliza Stuntz1/31/1893 Dr. Frank Curry 35 married Miss Francis Stuntz whose father was Professor of Chemistry at Woodward High School. (Information from Stan Miller's papers)
Story 6   Dr. Frank and Frances (nee Stuntz) Curry had a daughter, Mary, who married Milton McCormick Gatch in 1931. He descends from the Reverend Philip Gatch (Rev. Philip Gatch, General Thomas Gatch, Francis McCormick Gatch, Albert Briggs Gatch, Milton McCormick Gatch)
Story 7   1911-12 Directory: E. P. Mundy - bookkeeper, Mabel Eaton Mundy, his wife & Elinor) a daughter). Edgar P. Mundy rented the house with the option to buy. He bought the house in 1919.Mrs. Mundy (Mabel Eaton) later lived with her daughter, Katherine, at 723 Floral.[Daughter, Martha, married James Stoehr (702 Floral).] Mrs. Mundy died at 723 Floral May 1, 1965. According to Stan Miller Mrs. E. P Mundy came here in 1909. Leader of W. C. T. U. Pres of the Wilmington District, attends conference at Lima 10/28/1942. Women's Society of Christian Service.
Story 8   Dr. Adam Basinger had his office at 406 Western. He claimed to have delivered 4500 children including his own three. All three of his children (2 girls, Dee & Maurine, and a boy, Howard) were local school teachers. In the 1940s his oldest daughter taught in Milford while another daughter was still at school in Terrace Park (Norene[?] graduated in 1945). Dr. Basinger had a big black car which he drove quite fast. He was not a big man so he couldn't be seen in the car when driving.
Story 9   Maurine Basinger died April 27, 2011, Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Home, burial at Blanchester Ohio Cemetery. She is a daughter of Dr. Adam P. Basinger and Martha (Mattie Rhude) Basinger of Blanchester and Terrace Park. She is the sister of Howard and Elaine (Alf) Basinger of Montgomery and the late Beatrice Basinger Fordyce. The 1930 census also lists the 3 children as Howard E., 8 years, Beatrice, 5 years, and Maurine, 2 5/12 years. Howard Bassinger died 28 August 2016, Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Home, burial at Gate of Heaven Cemetery
Story 10   Dr. Basinger had a summer camp in Pleasant Plain Ohio for poor children from the inner city. It was called Camp Matrena and was later bought by the Midwestern Children's Home (still thriving in 2005). Dr. Basinger was born August 29, 1881 and died March 6, 1959. He is buried in the Blanchester Cemetery. (Information from Jack Kemp &Virginia Critchell , both in Milford.)
Story 11   According to Mary Annett the camp was obviously not just for inner city children. Her three boys went there (for pay) and the oldest, Ed, later became a counselor. They had all the regular camp activities including horseback riding. Rea Sparrow was a Rep for the camp. Mary thinks perhaps Children's International Village met there one year.
Story 12   We don't know when or how Dr. Basinger got the land in Pleasant Plain. However, Virginia Marquette remembers going out there as a teenager when Dr. Basinger had a fishing lake and restaurant there. One could go picnic and enjoy being in the country. Later he added cabins and started the boy's camp. It was after Dr. Basinger died that the property (66 acres) was available for sale and was bought in 1965 by the Midwestern Children's Home, sponsored by the Church of Christ. Jack Kemp's Dad was one of the first trustees.The Home opened for children in 1967 after 3 houses had been built. (information from Virginia Marquette from a publication of the Home)
Story 13   A lot more information in the Terrace Park Historical Society file.
Story 14   This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Barbara) John Smith was on the 1984 December 9 Poinsettia Parade TP Garden Club House Tour. It was a Sunday, homes were open from 3-7 PM and advance tickets were $3, $3.50 on the day. Proceeds were used for village beautification. The Community House was open for Refreshments, Poinsettia Sale, Tour Tickets and Cook Books.
Story 15   This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Barbara) John Smith was on the 1996 Sunday December 8 Holiday Home Tour TP Garden Club House Tour. Homes were open from 1-5 PM and tickets were $10. Proceeds were used to continue the beautification of our Village.Terrace Park Etchings, Refreshments and Ticket Sales were at 716 Park Avenue.
Story 16   The Booze family. The parents were divorced and Mr. Booze rented here perhaps 6 years, probably from Mundy The mother lived in Mariemont. The children went to Terrace Park High School: Mack H. 1935, Dick 1937, Kathryn 1938 & Roger 1941.
Story 17  


1939 Map: line but no name

1942 Map: Kotte

1951/3 Map: Adam P. Basinger MD (office 406 Western)

1959 Directory: A. P. Basinger MD (Elm & Marietta) (Mattie L. Basinger died January 1, 1962)

1960-63 Directories: Richard L. & Ann Barnhart

1963-64 Direct: (moved to 808 Stanton)

1965-68 Directories: Chuck & Nancy Gerhardt

1969-72 Directories: Mrs. Nancy Gerhardt

1973-74 Direct: Frank & Nancy Gilligan & Cathy Gerhardt

1975-76 Direct:

1978 Directory: (Frank died May 26, 2004)

1980-2012 Directories: Jack & Barbara Smith

2015 Directory: Greg 7 Donna Crossley-Van Lieu

2017 Directory: Todd & Tricia Spang

2015 Directory: Crossley-Van Lieu, Donna

2015 Directory: Van Lieu, Greg and Donna Crossley-Van Lieu

2017 Directory: Spang, Todd and Tricia