General Information

No:  600
Street:  Elm
Name:  Environmental Services and Maintenance Building
Family:  Village of Terrace Park
Historic Plaque:  N
Owner Info:  N
Built:  1990

Description:  1 story maintenance building , siding , gable roof.
Original Use:  Quarry
Current Use:  Village Maintenance

CHANGES - As Built:  Y
Add To:  N
Sub From:  N
Replace:  N


Current Owner: ***null
OriginalCurr Date Fr: ***null
Curr Date To: ***null
Original Owner: ***null
Date Fr: ***null
Date To: ***null
Owner Info:***N
Current Owner:***Village of Terrace Park
Date Fr:***1934


Story 1   1974 - burning permits and condemnations from the Terrace Park Fire Department records. Opposite the 600 block of Elm - former land fill depression - learn by burning. Large chicken houses relocated and adapted into house-like structure. Pictures in Village Views.
Story 2   Site of major gravel quarry for the Little Miami Railroad. Comprises approximately 15 acres. Today the pit is quite overgrown except for a small area used for dumping leaves and brush. A small maintenance building is located at the end of the service road. Highly significant for its association with the construction of the Little Miami Railroad. Chartered in 1836, the Little Miami was the second railroad built in Ohio and the first to link Cincinnati with its hinterland. Research suggests this quarry was first mined in 1854. The entire village of Terrace Park rests on a major deposit of Wisconsin outwash, hence the substantial gravel supply. This quarry was instrumental in the laying of ballast on the line between Cincinnati and Xenia. (From Ohio History Inventory in TPHS files.) (Ballast is the gravel laid underneath the railroad rails. Where they took this gravel from is sometimes called a borrow pi